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Dear Fellow Warriors,

I just posted this in the offline forum, and then realized there's a social media forum that I could post this in as well...

I had a fantastic consultation with a fellow who wants social media management services. I know web design, lead gen etc, but I'm not sure what smm services to offer.

The business works like this: when people buy homes, their purchase price determines their real estate taxes. So if you buy for $500k and the state tax is 2%, then your taxes are $10k per year. If your home then goes down in value, you can get it appraised and lower your tax rate. Let's say your home is worth 400 now- you save $2k a year.

This business makes an average of $1k per client and covers an area with 75k potential customers.

So here's the deal: the client wants to encourage people who benefited from his services to post to social media about it, encouraging their friends to buy his services. He also wants to deliver positive content about his business to social media to create good buzz.

So I need to know the following:
1. which websites does he need to be on
2. what does he need to do on those websites
3. how can he get past clients to recommend him using social media

Thank you in advance!
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    In your position, I would focus on making a great Google+ page. The reviews are easy to see and will come up in search results when people look for his company online. Sending a bit of paid traffic to the Google+ page locally could help increase the leads he gets and the search rankings. Google ads can also easily go to a page locally and are easy to generate calls off from.

    Additionally, if he can get some past clients to agree to make a YouTube video explaining why they enjoyed doing business with him, uploading that to his YouTube channel and promoting that video locally is another great way to both get more leads and provide a positive result when people search for the company name.

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