How I got over 150 Google+ followers in less then a month

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Hey everybody,

I just want to share my method on getting active Google+ followers, most of whom are active (not fake accounts). They are not always targeted but this is a good starting point for those who want to show that their Google+ account got followers.

Fully fill in your profile and 1 post per day at least for 2-3 days (better to do it for about a week). That will show future followers that you are a real person

Find somebody who shares circles. Some people with many followers create circles that they share on their wall. If you can't find any of those a good starting point is this guy on Fiverr -

Add people from shared circles. I usually create a new circle for those and call it "New Followers"

Wait for about a week. People will see that you added them, and some of them will add you back. While waiting, keep posting on your wall at least 1-2 times per week to keep your profile active.

If people didn't add you after a week, it's unlikely that they will, so it's time to clean up. Go to your circles and delete a new circle that you created.

Go back to your profile and see people who follow you. Those people who added you will be displayed there, add them back (since you deleted "new followers" circle, some people won't be added to any of your circles). I usually add them to my default "followers" or "friends" circle.

Then you just rinse and repeat. Keep adding people in circles, waiting for a week, deleting circles, adding back those people who added you.

As you add more and more people, see others who share their circles - when I find them, I usually put those people in a special circle that I call "Shareres".

Hope that helps!
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    Thank You for sharing your informative Article! I will try to follow the advice in hopes to increase my Google+ followers. Let you know if I had any success due to your strategy in about two weeks.
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    Wonderful post! You idea is great to target potential user and get involved them in circles of G+. As you suggests do this with active account and not fake one is great deal to get leads and geniun site visits and also reduces our bounce rate.

    150 in a month would be less if the company is reputed or even good newly opened. If new user that may came late but 15 is so small to achive.
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    Thanks for sharing. Nice plan. Glad it is working for you.

    Any of us can do this with a little bit of effort which the Warriors are famous for doing!
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    Now that my account has well over 200 followers I noticed that my G+ account is growing without me including myself in any circles.

    From my experience so far, people +1 and share my G+ posts that contain a picture and a quote about life, friendship etc.

    Those types of posts get shared the most, I still get few +1 and likes on my posts where I share an article but not as many as for quotes and high quality cool pictures.

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    Thanks for your post. That's intersting. Hope it works.

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    Great tip! Thanks for sharing.
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    I agree with him. This strategy works very well for G+. As long as you're sharing interesting stuff, people will follow you.
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