+330K fans and 29K talking about !! ?

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Hi Guys,
i'm asking for my probleme is my page is 330K fans and just 29K talking about
but the last months +100K talking about pls tell me how i can grow it to 100K talking about :confused:
#29k #330k #fans #talking
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    Hey Buddy,

    I would suggest you to write and post and boost the post for once at least.. This will increase the no of people talking about your page.

    Hope this helps. Thanks
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    If youre looking to sell it add me on skype.

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    Hi amgoune,

    which is the trend of last year? Are you analyse very well your Insight?
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    You need to get people more engaged then.

    Post images that will get shared (funny memes are great).

    Facebook also likes comments so ask questions which could get a lot of comments.

    You could also try to boost your post as someone else said. That will make your post visible to more fans.
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      Start making posts (without pictures) of just questions.

      Comments absolutely dominate the 'talking about' aspect, and they have been overpowering a lot of pictures lately.

      Randomly throughout the day, just ask a question

      And if you really want to stir the pot, make it controversial
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        Originally Posted by jamescanz View Post

        And if you really want to stir the pot, make it controversial
        good advice
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    Yes, starting fights works really well because it gets tons of comments...do it just by asking an "innocent" question that you know people will disagree passionately about. But you may have to use some ads if you want to quickly boost engagement that much.
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    What niche is in in,,, i have a few large pages if you want to do share for share
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    Write contents for your own website for promotion.
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    you need to keep posting viral content and get people to like, comment and share.

    You can improve your interaction by ASKING people to take action as well. So ask yourfollowers a question or say something like "share this if you've ever done this in your life".

    You'll be surprised at the results....
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    You can ask poll questions.....Successful Facebook pages incorporate polls and contest into their overall strategy

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    May be your posts have been monotonous lately. Try something new and get your follower's attentions.
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