What happens if your CPC campaign ends before your budget is used up?

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Here is my question. Let's say you allocate a lifetime budget over 2 days of $20 for a CPC campaign on Facebook and the campaign ends before you exhaust your $20, I guess does that mean that $20-X (x being that which is spent) is returned to you or are you only charged by paypal each time for the click or CPM so FB doesn't have to return any money to you?
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    You're only charged for what's used...but most likely Facebook will use all of your budget.
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    You should only be charged for what you used.
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    So what happens to the rest of the money? Does it return it to you or is it in Paypal and then paypal invoices you and you only pay for what charges you incurred? That makes more sense
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    You don't pay $20 before you start the campaign. They charge you after they deliver the impressions/clicks. So there's nothing to be returned to you. I suggest creating one ad with a small budget just to learn how the system works...don't let this question hold you back from getting started.
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