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by bigmaz
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Hi guys

Having trouble making my images sharp on FB, is there any good guides that people recomend using? There are lots online, but just wondering if anyone has a technique they use? Or if there are any optimizers that exist that I can put a high quality image in and it optimizes for FB?

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    Use Adobe Photoshop, or if you want a free one you can try
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      Originally Posted by Nett View Post

      Use Adobe Photoshop, or if you want a free one you can try Photo editor online - edit image
      I do have a raster editor and vector software and create my images. I know that bit. But I was asking about optimizing the images so they are sharp in FB. They use massive compression
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        I think Picasa is the best tool for simple image editing
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    Lol. This gonna turn into a "recomendation s for image editors" thread. Itsvnot what I was asking for. Altho while on the subject, I use GIMP for image editing, and Inkscape for vector. Both are free and powerful. Inkscape is a free alt to Illustratpr
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    Perfect image sharp image editior tools Pixler and
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    onlineimageeditor is good.
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    Sorry, but I am not looking for recomendations for image editors...........
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    Try to upload HD photos and tell us result. I think there is problem with your photos resolution
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    PicMonkey is a web app good for fun photo editing with Instagram-like filters
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    How many pixels are the images you are trying to upload? I'm just thinking that maybe you are trying to upload images which are too small and they will only look pixelated as they are enlarged to fit the space.
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    Upload images in high resolution and they will always be sharp.

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      it depends on the software you use to design your image. photoshop is good one. if you know how to use it, it can be a very good help for you
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    The cautious photographer is always conscious of what's happening to their images when they're being shared online — whether they're being resized, recompressed or otherwise modified from the original. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter all treat their images differently,

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      When an image doesn't display sharply from a website, that is because of the way the image was processed. It usually means an image of lower resolution is made bigger. For the internet you only need to use a dpi of 72 because that is the screen resolution of a monitor.

      But to make the image/photo sharp you need to have the image size equal the display size. Or it can be a little larger. Too large and you will have a slower loading image because there is more to download to the monitor. Having the right sized image is important.

      If the image is going to be displayed at 4 inches by 5 inches then you need your image to be at least 4 inches by 5 inches. If it is 2 inches by 3 inches it might not appear as sharp. A 1 by 2 inch image probably will appear soft and pixalated. So having the right sized image is important.

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    I've noticed that when I upload a jpg, it can be fairly blurry at times.
    However, when I upload a png file, it's always clear.
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    Yeah, high resolution PNG images always work fine.
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