Veterans of Facebook, I need some facebooking advice!

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I'm going to be starting my very first fb fan page. My goal is to drive traffic from the fan page to an external blog where i'll have helpful content and some affiliate offers.

I've been reading a lot of posts here on WF about facebook, and have learned a lot, but I really need some clarification on a few things.

1. What is the purpose (not definition) of:
Page likes
Post likes
Post shares
And which ones should I be focused on getting, if not all?

2. Will facebook ban my account if I have no activity or friends on my main profile page, and the attached fan page starts getting big?

3. Does liking and/or following other related fan pages benefit my fan page in any way?

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    Hi, Skeetermcgee

    Followers see the statuses you post, the purpose from a marketing point of view is it is a one click process which is better,quicker and simpler than friend requests.
    People can click follow and see what you post.
    I think the follow option comes into play when you max out your friends. Or alternatively you can turn it on in your profile settings.

    Fans are the same as page likes, Facebook used to call them fans but now many refer to them as likers.

    Page Likes are very important for growing a page,,, especially in the first few days.
    From time to time facebook will post the page in question with a like option in the news feed of the friends who have liked the page.
    This changes all the time,, but it seems to be the case at the moment with new pages.
    Before this would only be mentioned in the top right activity bar on facebook.

    I've looked into this a lot, and have noticed that this happens a lot with new pages rather than pages which are months/years old, unless of course you sponsor the page.
    Thats why i find it important to get likes rolling in quickly when you firsat set the page up.

    Likes and Shares,,,,,
    In my opinion shares are always better than likes,,,,,As when someone shares a pos they are showing their friends. From a psychological point of view friends of the sharers respect their judgement for sharing it. After they see a couple of shares from a friends they get inquisitive and check your page out.

    I try and go for a 60/40 mix,,, Try and focus 60 percent sharable posts and the other 40 go for likes.

    Example post for likes: (Photo of a ring on a weding related page)
    Do you "LIKE" ?

    For shares its all about the content of the post.
    Anything in these subject matters work a treat.

    Cute factor/Health Advice/The "AWW" factor/Interesting stuff/
    Shocking stuff/Funny

    Anything that really plays on emotions.

    When you have something that is getting lots of shares it's a great opportunity to stick a link in.
    Not because its being seen by loads of people, merely for the fact the people will be focusing on the image and not the link.

    If people focus on a link rather than the photo it appears your just advertising
    (hope that makes sense)

    Facebook rarely ban unless you do something terrible, certainly not for having an empty profile and big page. If you are worried then just stick a few admins on the page, friends etc, just incase.

    I wouldnt reccomened liking a page unless it is of benfiit to you. For instance if they share your page or promote yours then YES, like thier page.

    If not then don't bother, the only pages you like from your page should be your pages. Why advertise other pages when you can make you own to advertise?

    Good luck..

    Ps: Try building a viral type page first rather than blog page,,,, Easier to build likes,promote and grow.
    Make it look non-profit just for fun and it will boom.
    Easier to get traffic then....

    Or you could always build groups in your niche, then build your page...
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    Dazzle58 has answered pretty well. But I want to add that, Facebook does ban people. But it's not the type of ban we usually see. You'll still be able to log in and communicate with your friends, but you won't be able to expand your network. Means, you won't be able to send friend request, message people not in your contact list. This may not cause trouble for your page, but you'll be marked and so will your activities.
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    Good point Vednor
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