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Hello all

And so I am having a bit of a play with a FB ad to move some traffic to a website.

Not a large amount of money at all, and really it is just to see how the FB advert process goes.

I noticed though when I set up the advert and selected for 'Right hand side' only an advert seems to have been set up for 'News feeds' also.

Both adverts have been approved and are in my advert control panel... Is this Zuckerberg & Co playing with me :-) and should I just delete the unwanted ads in future?

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    Yes, they try to trick you into making both. There is a checkbox you have to uncheck to not create both...can't remember what it says next to it. But if you miss that checkbox you can just delete the ad before it gets approved.
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  • Thanks Ryan,

    I thought that was what was going on but decided to let it roll just to see. Another lesson learned.

    I Make Peanut Butter :-)

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