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Hey all,
So I have just started playing around with promoted photos through the Facebook advertising interface. I'm using CPC bidding, and I'm embedding links to my landing page in the photo description.

What I'm wondering is, what does Facebook consider an "ad click" in this instance?

- When someone clicks the photo from their news feed to bring up the photo's lightbox
- When someone clicks my page name to goes to my page
- When someone clicks the link in the photo description?

Would I get charged for a click on all 3 of these actions?
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    Yes to the last two, not entirely sure about the first one. Instead of promoting a photo post, it might work better to promote a link post instead, and upload the photo to go with your link post. That way people who click on the photo go directly to your landing page instead of having the lightbox pop up where they then have to click the link to get to the landing page...basically just removing a step for the user, which in almost all cases will work better. This is how I do most of my promoted posts.
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    Does one promote photos only to people who already liked his fan page or can one promote photos just anybody in your choosen demographics?

    As well, are these photo promotins taking users out of FB and to your site?

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      You can either promote to people who have liked the page, as well as people people in your demographic.

      Usually when using the promoted post feature, you are adding a link in the text part of the post, and picture is used as a compliment or as a way to get more attention to the post.
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