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Hey guys,

I really really really need all of your help.
One of my clients needs this for their social media:

Instagram: 100k followers
FB: 2,000+ likes
Twitter: 2,000 followers

I had my contacts on fiverr, but all of their accounts are closed and their likes, etc were all ghosted. I need the real thing....who is good on fiverr? Anyone on here can pull this off for me? Give me recommendations..please!

How much should I charge for this?

Once again, thank you so much - I really need your help before I loose my client.
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    Check out - they are very helpful and a solid provider
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    knock me if you want work in bulk. Thanks
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    PM me if you still looking for real Facebook likes and followers.
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    Yeah so roughly how much does it cost? I tried to delete some messages in my pm, it was full. I may be able to accept some PMs.

    I would like the followers to look real, I would like to have them look like they are from the US and not from another country. Also no eggheads?

    What other social media likes followers do you guys sell?

    Zach Robinson

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    Social media networks are getting very wise to fake likes, that and fakes are really not going to produce much real value for your client. Besides appearance.

    What niche is your client in?
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    If you're looking for best service that can really help you with your business, contact me )
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    I think you client should learn not to buy followers again cause they are fake, no engagement and will get your account banned. Best way is to try to follow and friend people with same interest, try social media exchange platforms, and spend your money on a contest that require people to follow that is much better than buying a fake followers.

    MSocialH is a free social media sharing platform, get free Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and many others. Get 0.05$ per referral and 20% sales Commission. register here.

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    Just wanted to give you guys an update. I did a test run with a fiverr person, its one of the highest reviews fiverr gig for followers on one of the social media websites.

    So I did it, and got the followers, then each day they kept going down and down. I kept emailing them, they said wait a day...then they added some again, then they went away.
    Then emailed them, then they went up then they went down.

    So basically its a scam right?
    Why not actually provide the real followers if you are charging for it.

    Any help or advice or recommendation?

    Zach Robinson

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    Zach, why are you even offering services to local clients, it's quite apparent you don't know what you're talking about with regards to social media, SEO or pretty much anything else that you're charging clients for.

    Too lazy to write something clever here, so check out my marketing blog and learn from a REAL Super Affiliate at

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  • There are ways and means of getting follower numbers up but the best way is to just do everything properly, a good range of frequently updated content that people want to read and share.

    Otherwise your 10 million likes might as well be you, your gran and your hamster.

    If you really don't care for anything other than appearing to be US, why not just use a follow exchange?
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    Hi Zach

    Not what you want to hear but Organic growth in followers and likes is more likely to bring forward paying customers rather than purchased followers and likes. Fake accounts are not around for long hence why i think you/your customer is losing followers.
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