What's your favorite way to post in multiple FB groups?

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Do you have a favorite way that you post in multiple Facebook groups?

Do you post manually?
Do you have a program that posts for you?

What's your method of operation?
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    I tried one of the programs to post in multiple groups. I personally found that it did not help with traffic. It appeared that almost everyone else was doing the same thing. I now go in one at a time and respond to other posts and post individually. I seem to get a better response.
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    I just post manually. I have used Hootsuite before, but primarily use it for twitter. I have tried other programs but haven't been happy with them.
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      I have only done it manually and I like it that way. I've had great feedback. Some users have even added me to bigger "hidden" groups on Facebook because of my posts, so that's always good.
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    With Twitter, I use HootSuite. But for Facebook, I manually message people.
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    I do it manually. It doesn't take too much time and effort.
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    write interesting good content and with big image..then people will get attracted to your post
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    Facebook groups are crap. Way too much promotion and zero engagement. Hate Facebook for that, ugh..

    - Samuel
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