Is FB REALLY necessary?

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Is the big FB really necessary?

The upside of facebook is that yes you can build a following in a hurry, and there is something pseudo-intimate about being able to "see" your customers faces.

They also have a lot of great advertising options.

However the downside is you do have to fight for attention with a lot of various other things on that site.

It's basically a mass-distraction platform. A Single person's newsfeed can be bombarded. And there are so many menus.

I mean sure, it's another source of leads and it does have a lot of interesting advertising options, but with all of the various means of marketing available, how many of you are succeeding without it?

I've seen recent articles that say its nearly impossible to get your updates seen without paying to promote the posts, which is fine if you have an ad budget for it, but it seems to defeat the original purpose of "free" social media marketing, don't you think?

What are your thoughts?
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    It's a great social platform and you have a ready made audience providing you target it right.
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    Yes! Facebook really helpful to get traffic for your websites. You Will get some decent traffic from your Facebook Page.

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    FB put one of my local business into number 1 spot in local google search so yes, FB for me is necessary.

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      Not necessary at all. It is useful though, which is a big difference from being necessary. I've made quite a few sales from business contacts through FB...however I could have made those sales through skype or other forms of communication.

      Most people i talk to now speak about using the ads on FB to gather leads. I actually still use classifieds to get leads to my lists lol so i don't even need FB for that. Never mind 1 cent clicks, how about zero cent clicks LOL

      This is just my experience though. Power to all the people who have made FB work for them, but so far I haven't NEEDED it to help my business flourish.
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    No, it most certainly is NOT necessary at all. In fact, I have flakebook pages with thousands of followers and I don't even bother with them any more. Can you make it work? Yes. Are there better uses of your time? Absolutely.

    When I started applying the 80/20 rule in my business. FB was the first thing out the door. SEO was out the door a long time ago, and Twitter was never a starter in the first place.
    "The sheep lives its life in fear of the wolf, only to be eaten by the shepherd"
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      Like a hole in the head....

      (That isn't one of your ears, one of your nostrils, an eye socket or your mouth).
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    You can get traffic from Facebook.

    The key is getting targeted traffic that

    is relevant to your content.
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    Likme everything else, if you have a lot of followers, FB is great advertising. Can you get lots of real interested people on FB? You have to be good to beat others in your filed that may have a head start on you.

    Living in real life....on social media
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    If some people can make 2.5 euro/month from FB adverts so I think it's nessesary.
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    When Facebook first began opening its doors to businesses, creating features like Pages so that businesses could engage with users online, gaining Likes was one of the main goals. Now, however, as Facebook improves its advertising features, with the focus being on gaining engagement and reach rather than watching the little meter gradually tick over in an iframe at the top of a company’s Page, how important have likes become, or how unimportant?

    From the very start, Facebook engagement has been centred around the Like button. The Facebook Like button is the easiest and quickest way someone can show appreciation of a post or a Page: just one quick click and comments from a business Page will start appearing in your News Feed. This is the key purpose of the Like button: by clicking Like, users are saying they are happy to see a business’s page content in their News Feed, potentially leading to more engagement.
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    Originally Posted by theinfomaven View Post

    I've seen recent articles that say its nearly impossible to get your updates seen without paying to promote the posts
    I have a hyperlocal sports blog that's less than 6 months old (really only 3 months old if we are only counting the time it's been "in production"). I also have a fully-branded Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter profile, Google+, and Pinterest.

    During this past season (for the sport that I cover), my site saw upwards of 20k pageviews per month. Virtually all of it came from our Facebook page, where we posted links to our site in the form of updates.

    Our Facebook page has just over 1300 fans. Each post to our Facebook page would typically reach anywhere between 300-600 fans by accident (without paid promotion). If a post was shared by a few fans, our reach would often double. Posts that are promoted would typically reach anywhere from 1000-2000 users on just a $5 or $10 investment)

    The TLDR version:

    Yes, it sucks that not every fan sees your posts BUT if you have solid content that your fans WANT and can't get anywhere else, this is often a non-issue.
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    You never know who shares your material with other people so your content has potentially a lot more reach than anything else because it is so easy to share.
    So don't complain. It exists so why not use it?

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
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    I believe any social platforms are beneficial to the success of a site. More traffic through it.
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    I really don't think it's necessary at all. I have various pages with many followers and my traffic and sales really don't come from FB. FB is more about socializing and that kind of stuff.
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    Facebook can be automatically utilized without violating any rules. That means that doing things like posting updates to Facebook pages can take virtually no time after it is set up. Why not utilize that?
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    Sure I'm making a bunch of money outside from other traffic sources, but why not ALSO make money with Facebook.

    Of course it's not necessary but if you can tap a market and your ROI is good, you may as well draw from the well for as long as it is producing water.

    Plus, people spend an awful lot of time on Facebook, so its a good idea to put your stuff in front of them while they're there.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    Trust. Trust. Trust. If you engage people on Facebook you can gain their trust and yep, the tool will be a stunningly successful took for you. But if you never engage, it matters not if you have 10,000 Page will not see any real results with FB.

    You get out of FB what you choose to put into FB.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Well a car isnt really necessary either but it sure makes picking the kids up from school a lot more easy.
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    Yes indeed Facebook now leads to plentiful distractions, as this network continues to grow
    But one thing we have to keep in mind that this network is still number one and is growing continuously
    So there is literary no option for any big company or IM'er to stay away from facebook
    But at same time you can join other networks to have more specific field
    Like pinterest you can find all about images
    Linkedin is about professional, and so on
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    One of my Facebook pages is almost ranking on the first page of the search "social media marketing services". It's also been ranking number one for the search "affordable social media marketing services" steadily for years now. I have multiple Facebook pages that are ranking well, and that's what I do for all my long term clients, a combination of Facebook page design, Facebook Ads management and SEO for the Facebook page, rather than the site, because it's so much easier to rank a Facebook page.
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    Facebook is one of the biggest social network, google love the llinks from such sites, and boost your site in the search engine, and also you can get better traffic from facebook.
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      Originally Posted by Eric Wilson View Post

      Facebook is one of the biggest social network, google love the llinks from such sites, and boost your site in the search engine, and also you can get better traffic from facebook.
      Google gives no value to Facebook posts in results. you can check it.
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        Originally Posted by imrankhang View Post

        Google gives no value to Facebook posts in results. you can check it.
        You right. Google doesn't pay any attention to Facebook activities. You just use Facebook as the tool to increase your site's traffic and SEO purpose.
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    I haven't really utilized facebook...although have had a lot of success with like vs share style posts. Still think twitter is my number 1 platform though!
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    Of course yes! Facebook really helpful to get traffic for your websites.
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    Buddy Facebook is a damm good platform for marketing if you are selling any product so you can post your products on Facebook Fan page, share your all update of your websites about your clients on Facebook so in my eyes Facebook is really necessary.
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    If you have quality postings and interesting information to share with the others likes will follow and you don't have to pay for anything
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    No specific social media platform will ever be necessary. I'm quitting Twitter AND FB in 2014 (so I don't have the results to share regarding this) but I'm in my eighth year of business and have used a lot of different marketing and networking tools to succeed. Your plan, consistency, quality of content...these are just a few things that matter more than whether you're using Facebook or not.

    ~ Jessie Haynes
    Erotica Author
    Caffeine Headaches: Author Blog

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    Facebook (and Google+) is such an essential tool for my business and I'd never think of doing without. Even if you lack some features on the site, those are easily made up for in other ways. And, just ask yourself, what are the big retail companies doing? Are they simply relying on Adwords and SEO to generate traffic? Or, are they getting on Facebook and engaging customers?
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    If your want traffic more than your expectation then social media platform is best. And also Facebook is largest social networking website, You can drive huge amount of Genuine visitors to your websites and convert them to your customers.
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      It all depends on your business! While not necessary for some, it's essential for others. There is no mold or right way of approaching it. Facebook game companies would see it as essential; new businesses looking to connect to people in their area and getting their name out could be essential; companies trying to create awareness of a new product may find it extremely useful; and some companies don't need it at all - they have other channels or more targeted ways to find customers
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    Yes, I think it is necessary? Social traffic is huge!
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    I would have to say that FB is a BIG thing to have.
    While it may not be necessary, it is like cutting off your left arm to get rid of it.
    I have a lot of posts that I get leads and prospects from through different groups.
    The biggest thing is to make sure you don't just spam - get to know people, and you will find a lot of good from it.
    Tavius Southard
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