New to Google + Now what?

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Hey everyone,
What I am doing is creating social network sites for my "business" that has to do with gaming. My question is I just got a google+ and have no idea what to do or what I can do with it! Any general information on google+ would be great!

-Joe Lewis
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    i think it is much easier. Gmail id is required and set up your Google+ profile.
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    Pinpoint other real Google+ users (not page owners) who are into gaming. Then comment on their page talking about the things they are posting about. Ask everyone to share gaming circles with you or ask that you be shared in one of their circles. Having a circle of related niche Google+ users shared with you can mean instant access to dozens or hundreds of niche users who are all interested in the same subject. Once you gain access to a shared circle, add everyone in that group to your circles. Most will add you back, so long your profile and posts indicate you share related interests. Do it all over again, ever widening your circles and influence on Google +. Be sure to actually take time to interact with these people you are adding, don't just add them. The sheer numbers won't do anything. What you are looking for is a meaningful connection or conversation with the people in your circles so you can point them to your Google+ page and beyond to your own site.
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    Just like Jeffery said. From my experience you will not get any attention if you only share your articles. This might work on Facebook and Twitter but it wont on Google+. Connect and engage with real people. Thats my tip

    - Dani
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    Create a Google plus page involves good information for followers like describing your business, entering contact information like email address and phone numbers and branded profile pic(logo). Put some extra efforts to make your Google plus page visually appealing from a captivating cover photo to interesting photos and videos.
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  • And don't for get to link your website/blog to your Google+ page. Claim ownership as much as you can. It will help with brand recognition
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