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You earn more if

a. more ad views
b. more people click on the ads

Does Youtube still show ads in all your videos even you
do not join the partner program ?

Thanks for reply.
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    YouTube will show ads in your videos, if your videos are MONETIZED. When you upload a video and ask YouTube to monetize that video, YouTube takes time and verifies and then either accepts or declines the monetization.

    The more the people click on ads the more your earn and you also earn on higher views. This is a vast topic to learn and get ideas from.

    I hope this helped.

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    You don't have to have a traditional partner account these days to make money off of YouTube. Like spwerewolf said, you just have to monetize your videos after they are uploaded.
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    Any problem for a teenage boy to receive payment ?
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      Originally Posted by Vrindavan View Post

      Any problem for a teenage boy to receive payment ?
      You do have to be 18 I believe to start receiving payments.
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    Videos have to be monetized in order to have ads.
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    In some cases, if your video matches third-party content, the copyright holder might display ads on your video, but they take the revenue.

    Also, you cannot monetize a third-party matched video unless you have proof and/or permission/rights.
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    Here is a calculator showing how much a youtube video can earn:

    YTcalc (0.1 beta) - How much money YouTube Partners make

    It seems the county you live in, the type of video you upload etc affect how much you can earn. So there is a massive range for 1,000,000 views, it can earn between $300 - $2,500.

    Anyone know all the reasons they calculate how much you earn?
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