Tricks & Traits to Enjoy Extra Twitter following and Retweets

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I have followed some tricks and traits to attract more twitter following for my client's twitter page. The following points and information helped me in getting Retweets on actual tweets and earned us raise in twitter social circle.

• Startup your twitter with an awesome bio.
• It is good to get engage with twitter on weekend. Because people and brands get more attention through relative tweets in these days.
• Best tweeting hours are between 9:00 to 15:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 Tweets inclusive of visuals get more attention.
• Tweets with precise contents about topic with less then hundred characters and get more raise in your re-tweeting exercise.
• Hash-tags also get double attention. But be precise in doing so.
• Ask audience for it and it will help more in Retweeting the content by fellow tweeties.
• Tweets inclusive of topics and referred links get more chances to be Retweeted
• On twitter it is always good to Follow people with similar interests and Interesting characteristics.
• Ask questions through your tweets you'll get good feed backs sometimes.
• Always respond to other's questions and tweets it will raise your social circle.
• Always get engage with people who Retweets Your posts.
• Tweet your Own Posts(Blogs).
• Tweet quotes and inspiring phrases.
• Be helpful to your followers.
• Participate in tweet chats and productive discussions.
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    When you use Twitter for relationship building and talking with others on Twitter, you are more likely to find friends and gain more traffic and readers for your blog (or buyers for your products and services) that you would have missed out if you had only spammed links.
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    Great info, guys, one thing on the time. Think about what part of the world you are marketing, and tweeting to. lol If you are targeting the US, then don't be using the time in the UK. lol
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  • Profile picture of the author Ali Alvie
    I totally agree with you on that Jeffery. And yes Ken time zone is very important in case of which country audience we are communicating with!

    Ali Alvie

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