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Hi just wonderring if anyone has done any testing when posting to facebook groups.
* What time of day is best?
* Are week days better than weekends?
* What about public holidays.

Would be interested in our responses.
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    I have done such testing but on a Fanpage and not a Group. And I think this should vary from the topic/category of the page/group as well. For me, I was a bit surprised to see weekdays performing better than weekends in terms of engagement.
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    I want to share this infographic for your query:
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    I think evening time works fine always.
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    Even though the infographic above looks interesting, but there is no concrete proof about when to post.
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    If you are looking for a great time to spam and hope that people will respond to it.. it is never a good time. If you are looking to be engaged with the people in the group, you would not need to ask that question. A FB group by nature is a place where people engage in conversations. This is not the sort of thing were you can post once a day and come back to find results.
    Best time to post to a FB group, when the people in the group seem to be the most active. I am active in several groups, I browse the group when I know people post questions or share stuff and I try to be in the first few comments or feedback, not because I just want them to come to my sales pitch, I engage because I want to contribute value to the group. Over time, that builds a relationship with the group and with the individuals in the group, and if you offer stuff of value and they need what you offer, they will seek to buy what you sell.
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    Thanks for these responces, I really like a chart with time and day.
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