How to make money from twitter?

by Sophia41 18 replies
I have a twitter account with more than a thousand followers and I tweet regularly. Is there any way that I can make some extra money from my twitter account?
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    1. use url-shortener that pay on CPM
    2. tweet cpa offers
    3. tweet regular affiliate offers

    to make any money off twitter, you need to have people interacting with your tweets
    If you wish to contact me, please use visitor messaging on my profile instead of PMing, thanks
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    Hi Sophia,
    You may want to look at the tips here. [101 Ways to make money with twitter]
    How to Make Money on Twitter: 101 Twitter Monetization Tips | MonetizePros
    Hope it helps!

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    If you have many followers on twitter, you can start a gig, per post charge.....
    CBDISCOUNTS - Clickbank Discounted Marketplace
    Magic Article Rewriter - SAVE $24 OFF!
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    you can start your own business if you have good number of followers on twitter and likes on fb.
    Just get any product and share it on your profile.
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    Just over a thousand followers isn't going to make you any money.

    You would be lucky to find somebody willing to pay more than $1 to reach that kind of audience.
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  • Profile picture of the author xanadux666 as you can search by niche etc, but target your ads well and post just one a day. rest of your posts should be your own content if you are serious in increaing your REAL followers.
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    Great ideas. I will try some of what I have read from your suggestions. Thanks for the question..
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    1. buy followers
    2. Do not be too focused on selling
    3. share useful information
    4. communicate with followers

    Wory Kharisma
    C.E.O Truso Design

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      1. tweet cpa offers
      2. tweet regular affiliate offers
      3. If you have too many followers then start a gig to earn income from it...
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    Originally Posted by Reddy20 View Post

    Real followers?
    I would suggest that you ceate a viral campaign. I have one, that I can show you, but if I post my url here, I might be accused of creating backlinks etc. If you send me a pm, I will send you the url.

    So what it does, is that it offers an ethical bribe to people to tweet a specific message. Once they have tweeted they are rewarded with a good quality item and of course a few bonuses.

    Now this is where the money is.

    Those bonuses, link through to other free offers, but with an ethical bribe of an email address. Now in this effort you would have achieved a few things:-
    - You went viral, because each of those 1000 followers would have tweeted to their family and friends your site.
    - You have started collecting their email addresses and now you can monitize a list.

    I have a million of these ideas.
    But this one should be at least one workable idea.
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    Simple, you just need to funnel the traffic to a sales/ads page or sales funnel.
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    Thank your all for your suggestions
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    Can you tweet my website page?? I can pay you!
    PM me
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    Buy that many number of followers you may be start to promote some affiliate through url shortener also you can use some best CPM affiliate. Because as you are regularly post so it should be chance for you that you may get some descent sell.
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    1000 followers is nothing! I have 100+ accounts with over 5000 followers each and still only use them for SEO.
    **5 DAY FREE TRIAL** - The ultimate social media bot (FB, Instagram, Pinterest & G+).........
    Grab it >> HERE
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  • how many of those 1000 are actively using twitter, and how many are not just accounts that are used for sharing links.

    I hardly doubt that you can get anywhere with 1K followers.. unless they are all real people who are actively using Twitter.

    Don't forget that if you become to aggressive with affiliate promotions towards your followers, within a few days you will only have 500 followers left
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    I recommend using MyLikes, they are pretty good, you basicaly tweet interesting "news" articles and viral style content and when people view it you get paid a small amount, they would be good if you have a quite a few followers. Another good thing is all the things you share are actually pretty interesting, things like "10 amazing....." or "10 things you would never have thought....." and things like that. Hope this helps a little.
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    If I were you, I would setup a wordpress website related to my niche and drive traffic to it on daily basis.
    Then monetize the website.
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