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Youtube Marketing Some Tips
I hav Seen Many Guys are Working b Using Youtube to Promote Their Cpa Offers ,CB produts etc etc . So here is some tips to Remember. This is Something What i did these Days to Rank Videos and Earn Some Bucks

how i ranked my videos
Good title- Have atleast two keywords of yours in the
title or repeat the same keyword twice.For example Itunes Gift Card
Generator-Free itune Gift Codes or Itunes Gift Card Generator-Generator
For itunes. And i will have two videos in one channel, one with same
keyword and another with two keywords

I have not seen much difference in ranking when you add stuff like
New,Working or Updated.So if you wish you can use those and check
whether they increase your vid's ranking
Description-It can either be long or short.It can either have a load of
tags in the description or not.Its based on luck.But what is important
is you should have your main keywords in the first two sentences.And
some related keywords combined to form a paragraph below that.
Good Tags-They are very important.I will usually add minimum 10 tags, from the google keyword tool
Then boost it vagex and u2bviews for views likes and comments etc.
The video will be ranked in first or second page according to your competion.
Use Adnooka Or Some Networks like tht and Promote... Its the Simplest Way to Make Some Gud amount of Money
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    My advice in a previous thread...

    YouTube is a great place to build a list... Piggy back of of the traffic:

    1. Keyword Research: Find a term related to your niche
    2. Record and Upload a Video to YouTube on the topic of the Keyword that you found - Make sure that there is a CALL TO ACTION to click the link in your description
    3. Add a link in the description sending them to your optin page
    4. Go to fiverr and buy a couple of Social Bookmarking links

    Rinse and Repeat the 4 steps above. the advantage of using YouTube as well is that you are branding yourself, so that when people receive your emails they actually know who you are!
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    Very important tipss thaaanks mate
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    In addition I must say that although repeating the same keyword in the title is absolutely against anything that Google states, yet it currently works like charm.

    If you want to rank your video in Google, it's even easier, but it takes a little bit more time. Just play it like it's 2006 and spam some shitloads of tiered backlinks. Try to get at least above average quality, and you will get ranked in G as well.

    For Views, Likes, and comments - if you are going after a high quality service - use my signature.
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