how can i promote products on facebook?

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building a fan page thanks lots of time and not a lot of people are joining.

so what should i do? go to other fan pages and send messages to members?

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    What are you promoting?

    If you've got the resources and money to spend: Create Facebook ads that send your clicks to a squeeze page, and once they optin they will be redirected to your promotion.
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    Fanpage takes a lot of time indeed, but messaging people is even worse.

    You might want to get some small budget going on, and then run some ads. You can either run ads for your fanpage, which will help you big time, or just straight ads and promote the product directly.
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    People tend to click "Crowded" fb pages rather than fb pages with tiny amount of likes. So, my simple idea is that you could buy fb likes, get it about 5000 likes. Then you could invite real fb people. With "5000" fake likes you have, people will think your business is not kidding.
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    Paid ads are certainly a better idea than fan pages on facebook.But if you can devote a targeted and concentrated time then you should opt for creating fan page on facebook.This would still be a better idea than sending messages to users.
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    I suggest you first to make effective face book fan page,Before choosing Paid promotions,You can get more clicks if you make your fanpage with quality information and unique posts.I post unique and quality information in my fan page i share those informations to relevent facebook groups so i am getting more likes from the relevent pepole.
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    You can really drill down your targetting with Facebook's ad system. Once your ad has been live for awhile, you can lower you cpc. You can drive a load of traffic with this method. The other way, is to network with people, but never ever spam or your name will become mud real quick! There are a couple really amazing methods on this topic.
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    Yes that would also be effective if you send private messages to people. But posting on peoples walls can result in spamming and hence forcing Facebook to kill your account.
    Another way is that you can go to addmefast and you can learn how to use that. That website can help you get more likes. Some might be fake likes, but some you can turn into organic likes by being active on your page and putting up interesting things that would attract people to come see your account. If you are active all the time and people would like your posts, that would promote your page on other peoples news feed as well.
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    You need viral apps and provide some free products as a bait. You can use woobox apps for this, its free.
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    What are you promoting?

    If you've got the resources and money to spend: Create Facebook ads that send your clicks to a squeeze page, and once they optin they will be redirected to your promotion.
    I agreed!But you can also join other people groups relating to your niche.
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    You can try some of these activities on your fan page.
    • Product Preference
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Like vs. Share (Ask)
    • Polls
    • Caption This
    • News
    • Product related your product (But not similar)
    • Sponsored Events
    • Photos That Show a Product’s Value or Feature
    • Quotes
    • Exclusive/ Behind the Scenes Videos
    • Funny Videos
    • Vote Contest
    • Sweepstakes
    • Social Coupons and Deals
    • Brand Name ‪#‎hashtags‬
    • Sponsored Events #hashtags
    • How your Product is Made
    • Trivia about your product etc.

    Ali Alvie

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      I agree with posting to relevant groups. Only don't post your links like crazy cause too many people do that. Differentiate yourself with value content posts in these groups with an attractive image or quote photo. This way your post will really stand out. Another great method is by commenting on post of relevant pages with lots of interaction. This way everyone who has commented on that post will see your comment through notification. Best of luck!
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    Best way to build up likes quick is to target english speaking foreign countries in your ads. For 20 dollars you could most likely build a few thousand likes (depending on the topic of the page) and then promote products that people can purchase in those countries. Never purchase fake likes as they serve really no purpose. Once you got even a thousand likes you can target the main countries like US,CAN,AUS, & UK

    It's important to remember that US and Canadian traffic make up a small percentage of online user compared to the rest of the world. Yes they may buy more but that's where everyone is targeting which keeps advertising costs higher.
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      I would like to share my experience with you guys. Facebook is good to work with, and as Cosei has said, for the limited budget you can gain lots of likes, plus targeting to the relevant region and to the people who might be interested in your product help you reach the possible clients. Once they like you, you can always share the news with them. You have a promotion going on? Great, nice post with nice picture and text and the link to the website will do the job.
      The good thing is that you can set a limit per day, so that you can plan the budget.
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