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How important is Google maps in SEO? Does it affect on page ranking?
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    A general rule of thumb is that Google loves it when you use their services. For local rankings, including a google maps is a big +

    Good luck!
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    Yes, Google map matters a lot for page ranking.
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    I think it does. Because many times people just type in the address of the shop or the office. I think they need to have a map on it too. Since there is a facility to make it easier for your customers to know where you are, then why not use that facility to its maximum potential.
    The other day i was looking for a shop online which i had no idea where it was in a specific market, they had a Google map pinned, which made it easier for me to know where they were.
    So you be the judge now, is it important or not?
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    Google Maps shows your address when your brand name searched on the search engines. Google Maps shows detailed address on the right side of the search engine results with your brand picture and links
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    And this is a quick sale for local marketer too.
    When ever i need quick money, that's what i sale to businesses locally as
    they don't have time or the know how to do it themselves.

    A real no brainer in my opinion
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      Google map is very important to any site.It increases more traffic and more page ranking.
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    If you have a physical address then this strategy is good for you to obtain quality links from Google and for branding your business name.
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    If you use more of a google products you will get previliged to get more links displayed on google
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    Yes, Google maps really helpful for every business by location, easy to access for the local business.
    Most of the people will come directly to your website with the Maps.
    Thank you.
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  • They created Google Maps for a reason and one reason would be for Google to collect some data about local businesses. It is also tied up on Google Result page meaning it is a must for businesses that want to be seen locally.
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