Running Amazon Affiliate Links through Facebook Ads

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I have searched the web for an answer to this question but it seems to be a grey area. I was hoping someone could offer some more insight into the situation.

I would like to know if it is ALLOWED to directly link an amazon product through a Facebook Ad (Obviously Affiliate). I already know for a fact Facebook has no problem with this.

I read the Amazon Associates operating agreement but it isn't very clear. Can anyone else comment on this?

What would the safest way to do it be? Link the facebook ad to a redirect script on my site that links to the product? Is that allowed?

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    That's a no no.
    The only way is if you have a website or blog about a Amazon product review but not
    the direct link or you'll be banned.
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    Amazon allows you to post Amazon products directly onto your facebook page I am not sure if you can do what you are asking but if Amazon enables you to post any product onto your facebook page using their app then why would they oppose you setting up a fanpage and then directing your facebook ads to that facebook page.

    HOWEVER the best thing is to send a support ticket in and ASK them and get it from the horses mouth so to speak.

    If you would like to know how to post Amazon products to your facebook timeline, Group, or fanpage here is a video I made.

    Beginners get Started with AMAZON, we will give you a FREE custom made Amazon Site when you purchase hosting through us contact us at

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      I would build a squeeze page then send them to the amazon link after they opt in. Building a list gives you an opportunity to follow up with amazon link multiple times.
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        Is there any recent update to this issue? I am reading now in Amazon Associates about the Site Stripe Option which allows you to post Associates links into Facebook. So I assume then the direct linking from Facebook ads to Amazon is fine. But does anyone elese have any other information regarding this issue?
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      Gazcooper, you are right Amazon absolutely allowed to post affiliate link to your timeline and fanpage and there is no problem too..but it's only restrict to protect those affiliate link through Facebook paid ad. After posting Amazon link to your fanpage you can't be allowed to boost that post through Facebook paid ads..if you will do that Amazone will ban you..
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    Campaigns of facebook ads for amazon products are not worth it.

    You will only be throwing your hard earned money away
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    So to be clear, you can post a link in the post, but not advertise it?
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    You can advertise on FB Ads and send them to your website first and then they should go to Amazon.
    I did it many times. i will publish 2-3 case studies about that soon.
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      Originally Posted by affspy View Post

      You can advetise on FB Ads and send them to your website first and then they should go to Amazon.
      I did it many times. i will publish 2-3 case studies about that soon.
      hope I will see it soon


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    Send the person to your blog or website that has links on it. You can't use an affiliate link or squeeze page. You could even make a page ad your website or boost your post with your affiliate link in it.
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    I have seen a page on FB that uses what looks like Amazon short links to send a person directly from the post to the product on Amazon. Is this allowed by FB and Amazon TOS?
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    I recently had a chat with an amazon associates rep about this. Here are my takeaways, but you should verify everything directly with Amazon. In short you cannot run paid facebook ads that directly link to amazon with your associates links.

    1) You CAN use the affiliate shortlink in a post on your fan page.

    2) If you use the shortlink in a post, you are not required to include the amazon associates disclosure in the post since that particular link is already considered to be declarative.

    3) You should have the amazon associates disclosure somewhere on your fan page, such as in the About tab.

    4) You CANNOT include an associates link in a boosted post or paid ad.

    5) You CAN run paid facebook ads to your own compliant site or landing page that has amazon associates links. So basically the visitor will have to click at least twice (first from your paid ad to your site, and then second from your site to amazon).

    6) Amazon Associates wants you to add your fan page URLs you intend to use to your sites list. If you reach the maximum number of sites in that list, you don't have to keep adding more.

    7) In addition to everything above, Facebook and the FTC have their own rules. So even though you don't need the Amazon Associates disclosure in your post, you still have to satisfy the FTC disclosure requirement. Here's a link that gives some examples regarding the FTC disclosures in social networks (I have no affiliation with this site):

    Blogger Disclosure Examples and Tips
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      What about if you use some shortcut service?

      Like the facebook link will link to a website that will automatically redirect the facebook user using the amazon affiliate link?

      The facebook user would just see that it would go straight to amazon, since it would happen so fast.

      Think that could work?
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      I have a question:

      Anyone knows specific rules and limitations for amazon affiliation program?

      In particular is it possible to create a custom button with custom css and use the amazon affiliation link like href of the button?

      Is possible to link a specific words with an amazon affiliation link?

      Thanks a lot
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    Do not do this, you'll get banned. You MUST run your Amazon links through a domain you own or content you own, or else you'll end up getting your AZ account banned.
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    I have seen people do this all the time. I have talked to Amazon, and their answer is always as clear as mud. I know I would make a lot more money if I could advertise my links, but to me it is not worth the risk.
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    thanks buddy for this post.this is so helpful..really this will help many like me..

    We launch your ideas to the world.

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    If you want to run ads and get your affiliate commision too, what I've seen others do is send advertising traffic to a landing page on where people can click to buy the product on Amazon, and that second click uses an affiliate link. That's the safest way to go about this.
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