How To "Score" Share For Share's (S4S) On Facebook

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Hey Warriors.

Since i having such a great start to 2014, i thought i would share a little secret, about how to score "Share For Shares" on Facebook, which allow you to increase the size of your audience for FREE, without having to pay for PPC ads.

When you are a small page, it is quite hard to get share for shares because it is difficult to find the smaller pages. A great way to find these pages, is to look at the wall posts of these bigger pages, and look for smaller pages asking for S4S's.

Go onto those pages, and if they have roughly the same amount of likes, and "talking about it" you should ask them to S4S. If they are to big, then you should look on their for smaller pages asking for S4S's.

Depending on the size of your page, you may have to go a few "levels" down to find a page willing, but that is how you can work your way up for free.

More great methods, for getting likes on your page, is to upload funny pictures in the comments section of the bigger pages posts, and try to get the top comment. Making sure you use relevant memes is a great way of securing a top comment, if you get the post in fast. This will get you between 500 and 5million eyeballs on your facebook page link, and it almost always gets me page likes this way.

Well, hope you enjoyed this short tutorial guys, better get back to work now lol!
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