How to steal your competitors' social media followers

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I saw this great article and thought I would share it with the warriors. Very cool, can't wait to get my thief on!

How to steal your competitors social media followers
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    Great article! Thanks for the share

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    Excellent share.
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    I heard about this the other day, thanks for sharing this here.

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    Only a pleasure, glad you all enjoyed it. It's the least I can do considering I have learned sooooooo very much from my fellow warriors!
    Who's your favourite coach/mentor: Alex Jeffreys -v- Kenster -v- Stuart Ross?

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    I will execute those tips that I read on the article. Thanks for sharing this aleksbogata!
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    Great article!
    Will have to study more on this.
    Thanks for the share.
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    Like the look off FB Karma, very useful.
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    That is a great article, thank you! I have been trying to figure out what to do with my forum's fb page and I think this will help give me focus.
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    great article thanks for the share
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    Thank you for sharing the great article.

    BRutecky is giving a free WSO called Fanpage Spy that will complement this great article since it helps you spy on your competitor's Facebook pages.

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