After i reached 1000 targeted fans, what to do

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So far, i spent 100 $ to get 1000 US targeted fans
Should i keep doing that

or that can grow alone with posts

because as i see, people like posts but almost all fans are from ads
why their friends don't come
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    If you get a really good post then your traffic will grow exponentially from that. I have a test page on a new niche I'm trying and got 257 views on it from a 31 like page in 3 hours.

    Imagine if the page had 100? 250? 1000? Likes lol

    It must be an engaging post. I find the best posts to get more organic likes are funnies, then you can do the proper posts mixed in
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    Hello Buddy, I think now your page have sufficient number of fans. Now the thing you must do is do regular updates on your page. It will help you in the growth of your website or product. And always try to post unique content so that the peoples will take interest in the post, this will help you in increasing your popularity.
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      I really don't believe in getting paid likes and followers. It makes no sense. Rather, you should post good and informative content or posts and maintain blogs. This will help you to drive organic traffic.
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    Just keep up posting your stuff on regular bases you set the goal now its time to eat fruit but all you need to do is concentrate dont stop this flow mate
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    Can you determine that your fan is targeted? I suggest you have some post and see level of engagement to determine real targeted.

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      I think also time of posting is important

      What time you recommend guys ?
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    If you have a fan base (1,000 likes or more for instance), it’s much easier to grow the fan base organically without paid ads.

    1. Consistently update interesting content so your fan/followers will spread the word about your fan page to gain new fans. The key is to come up with ideas that you can feed fans with a stream of interesting content.
    2. Go to pages of the same or similar niche and size, and ask for sharing the pages (S4S).
    3. Join social exchanges.
    4. Friday Fan Party
    5. Invite your Facebook friends to like your page. The conversion rate is from a few percentage to 20% again depends on quality of your friend list and niche.
    6. Drive visitors from your other traffic sources (followers on other social media platforms, your websites, email list and etc.).

    If you’re seriously about building fan base for business purpose, here’s a list of 20 case studies (summary of ideas and results) on how businesses from large to small have grown their Facebook fan base. They’re inspirational and entertaining.

    20 Case Studies: How to Grow Facebook Fans
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    Great and unique content is what people are looking for.
    You definitely will get more likes if you work on your content!
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    Make it 10k then start monetizing
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