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I know here, You look like a Wirrior and preener on your activities. I just need your opinion on "Likes Exchanging for FB" is it good behavior for us? Or could you explain something?
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    like exchanges can work only if your going to get people that are actually interested in whatever you page is about to like it. 10000 likes looks good and gives the impression of social proof but if they are not interested in what your doing then 100 people who actually are interested would be more beneficial
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    I have never been a proponent of like exchange. Build your audience but creating quality posts and making people want to like you. Its a bit of work sure, but then again so is everything worth doing.
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    likes exchanging is not good in facebook...try to build own user/audience...
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    As has been said…build likes naturally. If you want to make money from your audience, having likes that do not really care for your page is pointless.
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    How can you exchange likes there is no kind of guarantee that people like you page well posting and providing quality and informative post is better.
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    Likes exchanging is good only to improve likes counter. You will not have any other use of that likes. So if you need active fans (likes), likes exchanging is not way to go.
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    My experience say ''like exchange'' is not a good idea. Because it is difficult to figure out whether these likes are real or not and comes from a similar interest. Different sites like fiverr, uselikes like-ex, getsocialpromotion may offer likes mean they sell likes for facebook. But i recommend not to try that i have used fiverr once i do received several likes but Facebook placed a penalty on my page for two months and i couldn't post anything on my wall for almost 8 weeks. so make sure what you are going to use.

    Ali Alvie

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    My 2 cents .. Try to post interesting content by following a carefully thought posting strategy. Browse PostGuru for case studies of Madison Avenue media firm practices on Facebook. The best way is from time to time to vary a bit your posts and then look back on PostGuru and see what worked. Check for example Coca-cola's strategy, seems that posting longer messages with images worked extremely well in some cases.
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    Like Exchanges (as in addmefast) are only working to increase the number of your page likes.

    If you aer talking about share 4 share, then it's a great method to get more targeted audience to your page.

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