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Hi Guys,

I feel so elated and wanted to share! I have been working my tail off on my website, and recently a HUGE publication in my niche added me to two of their Pinterest group boards! Each board has close to 300,000 followers so anytime I pin something from my website, it brings tons of traffic! I have also reached out to another publication with 500,000 followers, and they are supposed to be getting back to me next week so wish me luck!

I am now going to work on my facebook page to get those likes up. I want to have 100,000+ likes by the start of summer.

Have a great day!
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    I have been working on something that sounds similar, the success of my venture greatly depends on getting into these large group boards. Currently, it feels nearly impossible to get into these large group boards. Are any tips or tricks to getting into these boards?
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      @changedcaesar Thanks for your reply! If I were you I would build up on the niche you are working in, just spend time on it for a few days/weeks, and then email some of the larger more dominate people in your niche asking them if you can contribute.

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        Hi Webgal,

        That's an impressive amount of followers! Congratz, keep it going. I bet your Fb following will become the same in the summer as it seems.

        Maybe you could try to promote you fb page on pinterest from to get your fb page jumsptarted.

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          @FingerPicker thank you, and that is a great idea I am experimenting with FB ads at the moment. I am down to .05 cents per like in foreign countries, and I just started U.S. ad. Once I have my likes up to about 20,000 I will start using the ads to engage readers.

          @mistlechild yes Pinterest is huge, those photos link right back to the source! @TonyDice thank you

          @lolomars13 thank you! Yes they are a major site with millions of page views per month. And pinterest is only one source so I need to keep working on FB, google +, twitter, instagram, and organic search because if Pinterest goes down today or tomorrow I am screwed! lol

          @xpesos thank you for the tips! @yoangov Thank you! I will keep all of you updated over the next few months on the growth I experience!

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    This is neat. I hadn't thought of Pinterest as a potential source of traffic, but it makes sense, especially when your pins are repinned by bigger accounts. I have a book blog that I regularly post pinnable content to. I'm going to work on getting that content repinned by others now to see if I can increase my traffic.
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    Thank you very much for useful information.
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    Personnaly i have 6 profile on pinterest and i created for each profile a group board and invite other members on it, actually per account:
    16.000 followers, 12.894 followers, 8.008 followers, 7.600 followers, 7.838 followers, 7.781 followers
    Ok i agree it not 300.000 followers ( I really don,t know how they did for get so many followers like that) but it enough for get a lot of traffic so i can not imagine the traffic you get with a 300.000 followers ! And it true pinterest bring you more traffic than Google.
    I did it for some customer i not use it for get traffic for my 3 personal website for different reason like I prefer organic traffic and also it complicated with the topic of my own website to make a interesting group board for get traffic!
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    Wow congratulations
    If any one wants to search group boards, you can use this term in search engines
    Just replace the word KEYWORD with any of your keyword "1000..100000 followers" KEYWORD -intitle:followers "contributor"
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    Well done OP!

    Keep the hard work, and it will pay off

    Congrats for your success!
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    If you have always wondered how new pages get insane amounts of likes in one day or how those like service providers give likes to you. Check out this video:
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