fb, delete all fans from a certain country?

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When I go under insights then under people on my fan page the country w/ the most fans is Egypt with 2,911. I don't want fans from foreign countries ( other than Canada and Australia) because the are not buyers. And I want my fans to be as saturated with as many potential buyers as possible.

Is it possible to delete all fans from a certain country with out sifting through and doing it manually? Or is there an easier way to do it under insights?
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    I don't think it's possible to delete them. There might be a way to manually ban them, but I don't think this will work, because I think they ahve to comment on something for you to be able to ban them.

    I believe you can forbid people from these countries to see your page.
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    I think it's not possible. you have to do things manually i'm afraid.
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    Dont think is that possible, but think there was some settings which can restrict from which country the page will be visable
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    Go to settings and you can probably make your page visible to certain countries only. I have done it in the past however there were many changes in the face book, so I am not sure whether this still exists in the settings. Better you check it there to see if it still works.
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