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I created my website a Month before. also a Facebook page. i just want to know how to get more traffic from facebook and twiiter. No facebook ads. is there any other technique to follow. Please explain warriors.
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    Make new friends related to your business, create event. Make daily one post on facebook and Increase your followers on twitter.
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    Just keep posting interesting and engaging content that people will naturally want to share. However, without investing in ads, it will probably take some time.
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    Join groups related to your niche and be active. Create a FB page and link it to your site. Post on the page every day and share the post on your timeline. Put links to your site on your FB page. Write posts and the rest here which of course will link back to your site.

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      is posting in other facebook page is good or posting in facebook group is good. which is better..

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    Drive traffic from groups to fan page. Then fan page to blog.

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    You can also do share for share with other facebook pages within your niche. Regarding twitter, you can buy some followers to get the ball rolling. As previously stated - without ads it will take quite some time.
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    Follow this 7 steps to promote traffic
    Include a call to action,
    Be active and engage with your audience,
    Build a REAL Twitter following,
    Start using hashtags,
    Tweet when your audience is listening,
    Use Triberr
    Mention influencers
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    To get more and more traffic to your website via Facebook, you have to update your Facebook page daily. And always try to provide unique and some informative material to your visitors. You always join the communities which resembles with your website and also post related information in that community also. And always use #tag with your postings. And follow the same procedure with your twitter account. This will definitely help you in increasing the traffic over your website.
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    Some tips:
    Make your profile interesting.
    Post and tweet regularly .
    Putting the RSS feed with the links to your blog in a visible space helps generate lots of traffic for you.
    In twitter, pick a username that is targeted at your niche.
    Include your URL in your profile.
    Also send the link to your profile to your friends and acquaintances.
    Respond to the posts of your followers.
    You can take benefit of twitterfeed.
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    Upload a good content on your account daily and share your website links on your account.
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