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I present conferences to school educators in various cities across the US and I am considering using Facebook ads to promote the conferences. Does anyone have any experience using Facebook Ads to promote events? Is this a marketing option that I should consider? Thanks.
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    For sure can be useful, need to create the ad, set targeting and see what will be recommended bid, and will it worth
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    It can work. I formed a volleyball group targeting people in my zip code.
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      Facebook ads could be one of the best strategies you can ever use for events, I would work on it. With Facebook you can easily target your market. Of the over a billion users on Facebook, a business can easily target those demographics and interests that apply to the product they are marketing.

      The beauty of Facebook ads is user friendly, it is a much different process than using other ad platforms, it's not too much of a steep learning curve if you allow yourself time to learn how to make it work.

      Contrasting Facebook with Google AdWords, you match keywords on the various pages that come up when a Google search is done. With Facebook, your ads can be specific in a single user's profile. So rather than targeting your ads to products or services, with Facebook you will be able to put your advert right in front of your targeted audience. For example, rather than targeting the product iPad with Google ads, you would target the people who use iPads on Facebook.

      So for your group for example, you will be targeting people who are interested in Volleyball, by inputting their interests and other relevant specific information. It's a great platform, I would check it out closely.

      let us know how you go, the other beauty is t can be quick to start generating interest once your ad is approved!
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    Thank you all for your feedback! I have scheduled conferences in TN for late Feb. I think that I will begin using Facebook ads on Monday to advertise these conferences. Thanks, again!
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    I have done such thing before but make sure you target your audience very well to avoid unnecessary clicks.
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    Can you tell me whether I set my ad correctly - For my TN conferences, I selected 'Clicks to Website' instead of 'Event Responses' because I want my ads to link to my website.

    Also, instead of selecting 'Pay per Click', I selected 'Pay per Impressions' at .20 per 1,000 impressions as this was Facebook's recommendation.

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