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'Leafit' is a brand new social networking site launching on April 7 with the kind of technology available as seen from the picture. (presentation purposes only)

You will be able to connect with all of your current social networks, and transport all of your content directly into Leafit. So when you login to Leafit, it will already be populated with all of your existing social network content.

This is not just a mobile app, but will also work on your desktop, ipad, kindle, mac, etc.

What's different about this social network?

'Snap it'

Well, you will have the ability to monetize all of the products in your pictures using our fantastic technology:

'Grow it'

'Buy it or Wish it'


So to sum up, when you join Leafit's new social network, you can begin to:
Snap it
Tag it
Grow it
Buy it or Wish it

...and you can also 'tag' every other friends photos or friends of friends, e.g, you tag a picture that your friend posted and they have a picture of their new computer, you can then invite that friend to SHARE a commission on the sale of that computer to any of the hundreds or thousand of people in any of your social networks!!!

'Leafit' is FREE to join right now in preparation for the launch of the social network/phone app on April 7th.

Please message me for more details...

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    Leafit: Compensation Plan Update: 9 Generation IT App eCommerce Sales, 3x9 Forced Matrix, Generational Check Match, 9 Generation Uni-Level

    Leafit’s IT App

    Imagine being able to earn money from the pictures you post on your social media websites… Leafit’s Mobile ‘IT’ Application is here and is the only mobile application that links eCommerce and Social Media.

    Snap It: Take a picture, it could be one you have just taken, one you’ve seen on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, or one you’ve found on google images

    Tag It: Tag any item in your picture - The IT app finds the lowest price for that same item from their range of over 19,000 retailers including Amazon, Target, Sony, Rakuten, Walmart, Tesco, Asos, Expedia etc etc and provides a link from your pic to that item

    Share It: Post your picture in the IT app, your Facebook or Twitter page for everyone to see.

    And Make Money: Anyone who decides to buy that item, whether you know them personally or not, can purchase without even having to leave the IT app and will earn you a commission.

    The IT app has already been developed by reputable app development company Fueled (they’re the best out there, go search for them online), I’ve been using the app as one of the beta testers for the past month, its really slick, and it is now reaching the Apple Store for everyone to download for free. It will soon be followed with an Android and Desktop version.
    Leafit’s It App is great for those who want to make money online, but also for general usage as a price comparison tool prior to online shopping so there really is something for everyone.

    See the IT App being used by Leafit’s CEO Lawrence Sowell:

    Free Affiliates

    Join today as a free affiliate and you can earn a 10% commission from your personal eCommerce sales within the IT app - If anyone buys a product from a picture you have posted on the IT app, you earn a commission.

    This is a great opportunity for those that want to make an online income without having to spend any money. Get Paid To Post Pictures

    At any time, affiliates may upgrade to associate.

    Paid Associates

    Upgrade with a one-off $149, then $49 monthly to open up the 4 following streams of income, and access to an OMCA Certified Online Marketing Course (worth over $1000):

    (1) 9 Generation Uni-Level - Earn $50 for each signed up associate on Level 1, $10 Level 2, $5 Level 3 - continues up to 9 Generations with simple qualifiers

    (2) 3x9 Forced Matrix - An entirely filled matrix earns $120,309 monthly. The ‘forced’ aspect of the matrix means that people receive spill over from their upline should their frontline get full.

    (3) Evergreen Check Match - For those that are big team builders, this is for you. This Generational Check Match is based upon your uni-level. Any time your uni-level earns from their entire matrix, you get a percentage check match.

    (4) 9 Generation Commissions from eCommerce Sales - Make The Most Of Leafit’s Unique IT App. Any time anyone makes a sale within the IT app down to 9 generations, you receive a commission.

    Matrix Earnings Paid Weekly, eCommerce Commission Monthly - Leafit uses iPayout
    Pay your monthly fee using Credit Card, iPayout or Payza.

    For Further Info, See The Detailed Compensation Plan: https://s3.amazonaws.com/leaf-static...nt_7212014.pdf

    Upgrade before 2nd August 2014 for $40 and never have to pay the one-off $149 (Save $109)

    $200,000 Prize Pool

    With the IT app hitting the Apple Store, Leafit have a $200,000 prize pool for associates to race for whilst growing their teams:

    - When the company hits 5000 associates (currently over 3000 at the time of writing, there are many more affiliates) $15,000 will be paid to the Associate with the most paid associates.
    - At 10000 associates, $25,000 paid to the Associate with the most paid associates.
    - At 25000 associates, $50,000 will be paid to the associate with the most associates who also have 3 paid associates.
    - At 50000, $110,000 will be paid to the associate with the most associates who also have 3 paid associates

    Are you a team builder? Could this be a challenge worth accepting?

    More details on the 50k Race: https://s3.amazonaws.com/leaf-static-files/50k.pdf

    Join For Free Today & Upgrade When You’re Ready

    Ready to get started? This is going Viral!!

    Sign up today: http://www.leafit.biz/Toonfan
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