What's A Quick Way to Get Facebook Likes on My Page

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Hi Everybody,

I had recently started promoting our company Facebook webpage by going to related facebook groups and posting about our company and Facebook page, but are there things that I can do to really bump up the page other than through Paid Advertising or through incentivized contests?

Need some ideas on how to really start building the page and getting some traffic to our site eventually.
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    Well share images from the page to your own timeline and include the instructions to like and share. This gets it a wider audience straight away depending how big your own friend list is. By adding like and share you are instructing people what to do and this will have a better conversion.

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    This will require a little effort, but the results are extreme.

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      Would people be willing to do a S4S deal with your page?
      S4S = Share each others page. It works REAL well and in most cases, is free
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        Originally Posted by Mateenyall View Post

        Would people be willing to do a S4S deal with your page?
        S4S = Share each others page. It works REAL well and in most cases, is free
        I tried that, didn't work. I found about 30-40 fan pages in my niche and split them into two groups: fan pages of the similar size to mine and fan pages several times bigger than mine.

        To the first group I offered S2S, and to the second group I offered to pay. After sending about 40-50 emails and posts I got one answer.

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        Originally Posted by AffEngineer View Post

        Would people be willing to do a S4S deal with your page?
        S4S = Share each others page. It works REAL well and in most cases, is free
        That's the best way. You can also log in as your page, go to similar pages and like the comments of people and then people will follow you back. But that's only the secondary method. Try the first one, it works like a charm.
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      hi, does anyone know if the MonsterSocial Bot is allowed? the term bot sounds so dodgey lol
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    I set up a pretty solid contest that worked well.

    I had a $100 like contest to like our Facebook page, and then promoted the contest over my app and website as well.

    In the promotion on app and website (not Facebook page) I also included a $20 contest to share the post.

    I had 4000 fans when it started, my first post got 1000 shares and 2400 new page likes in 5 days, which cost me $120.

    I've rinsed and repeated over the last month, and been doing about 900 new likes a week at a cost of $120 so not too bad.

    Diminishing returns so I'll probably be ending this soon but not a bad way to get a quick pop in likes.

    It has a prerequisite of having a site with some traffic, and people coming to your site who like contests, probably not long term scalable but a nice one off for sure.
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    One thing you can do is to become friends with more people on your MAIN account. FB is cracking down on just randomly clicking people to add as friends but you can do a few a day and be fine.

    Here is a crafty trick if you up to it. You can import a list emails from your gmail or yahoo account and FB itself will email them and invite them. Here is a link https://www.facebook.com/invite.php

    I don't condone spamming and this really isn't but if you had an active email list you can import them as well and add them as friends. This is not against TOS.

    Here's the thing....as you add more friends, you then can invite them to like your FB page. Most friends will join and like. You get up to 5,000 friends and its really not that hard to do. That's basically 5,000 built in fans and it can go viral very easy.

    And lastly there is one method that we tend to forget about that REALLY works. Just ASK your current friends and followers to help you spread the word. It works!!
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    Search people with your targeted keyword from Facebook and private message them. This way people will watch your page directly and will like it. and all these likes are effective likes. You could use "Facebook Friend Adder Pro" to search thousands of people and message them automatically. I have generated lots of likes and leads in this way. Hope this will help you too.
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    First thing you can do,

    1. Ask your friends help and tell them to Share and Like your page.
    2. Update often.
    3. Actively engage with your followers. 26 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook
    4. If all else fails, go for facebook ads!


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    I know you are asking for free methods but paid ads, done the right way are so so cheap (for likes). I've gotten almost 10K English speaking for approx 100 bucks.

    Sorry this does not really answer your original question.

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    You could try offering to give something of value away once the page reaches a set number of likes. If your offer is something people will want to come back for like a free e-book or training material it usually works pretty nicely. Promote the offer in relevant Facebook groups, groups on Linkedin, and Google + communities.
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    It is very eazy
    Yes I think you can do this through many ways, free like exchange sites. These these site provide link but not engagement etc. Buy likes and define your budget. However if you want free and targeted likes from those who are interested in your page then follow these steps:

    Step 1: Create a post which seem attractive for viewers.
    Step 2: Join Facebook groups related to your fan page.
    Step 3: Open each group on new tab (Not more than 9 to 10)
    Step 4: Post random images don't show your page right away (Post 1 to 2 interesting images in the group don't spam)
    Step 5: After two to three days of posting "Open your fb post image in new tab copy the full URL.
    Step 6: Paste the URL into each group (Note: Wait for the image to populate for the post) wait don't post.
    Step 7: When image populate delete the URL and other extra text if any for that image.
    Step 8: Do this on each group (Note: Don't post more than 9 to 10 groups after 9 to 10 groups break for 10 to 15 mins)

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    Try Facebook notes. It works great for both listbuilding and building Fan Pages... I use it daily. And It´s free
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    I will put it straight and short - use Facebook ads and use the link of your Fanpage on your website.
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    You can try these tips-

    1. Create a relevant post with interesting image
    2. You can share this post with relevant fans
    3. You can also use Facebook ads
    4. Join relevant facebook group
    You can also see this infographic - https://blog.kissmetrics.com/more-likes-on-facebook/
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    Offer a free ebook to get "Like" (as you should be doing to email customer acquisition)
    Providing interesting photos with high resolution. Interesting Photos appropriate for your target audience will make them come back and make them share so encourage more people like from their friends.
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