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So I have A few social media accounts for my Site Auctionhippo. I follow people and have gotten many people to follow the accounts back, but they don't respond to anything :confused:. For Example if I tweet a deal for my site or tweet for a simple follow back no one responds. What can I do to actually gain a true following that responds and checks out my site ? All advice is appreciated !
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    Add your business to those social bookmarking sites which have a good quality backlinks. So, once your business is added to sites, your business also promoting with good links.
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    You won't build up followers by selling. You build up followers by providing valuable content, then you can start selling.

    Here's a great article I found that might be useful.

    Retweeting Content to Build Your Brand on Twitter
    Who's your favourite coach/mentor: Alex Jeffreys -v- Kenster -v- Stuart Ross?

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    With an auction or product related tweet, there might not really be anything for your followers to respond to. To get a response, you'll want to find a clever way to tie your auction products in with a question or poll that would invite response. For instance, you might ask your followers which product they would prefer to see at auction and offer a choice of two.
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    When you are talking at people, they don't really have a reason to talk back. Try to talk with the people who are following you and it becomes a conversation.

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    do some useful post may works
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    Hi. From my opinion you may post attractive things which will work .
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    Yeah like someone else said, engage them in a conversation. Get a back and forth going and allow it to grow from there.

    Kind of a side note, whats with the expiration dates on your auctions? They don't expire for over a year, no ones going to wait that long to see if their bid is accepted. The only option is the buy it now and your prices on those are higher than most places. That may also be part of it, the value just isn't there for people to be enticed to use your site.
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