Is it cheaper to use social media instead of banner ads?

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I asked some forums for banner advertising and the prices ranged from 1000-2000USD a month. Which isn't a small amount.

I was wondering if it will be cheaper and equally effective for me to use social media advertising? I'm targeting the people who need movers.
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    How are we supposed to know? You haven't told us anything about the site that offers banners at $1000 per month. How much traffic does the site get? What's the sites average CTR for banner ads? This is all stuff you have to ask the site/forum owner.

    For example, if the site gets 50,000 visitors per month and the average CTR is 1% you can expect to get about 500 visitors. Which means you pay about $2 per visitor. In this particular case you'd probably get better results with social media.

    Talk to the site owner, get info, and do some simple math. pretty easy...
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    I agree with chaotic he is right get these info from different site owner but i refer you to start social media marketing because this is easy and more effective choice is yours.Best of luck!
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