How to add Opt-In boxes to FB fanpage

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You see it all the time... A nice site or ad on Fb, you click on it to get something for free or take a survey, win a prize...whatever and then you get transferred to the fanpage but before you can see the cool content and you have to fill in Name and Email. BINGO ! I have heard people adding A LOT of subscribers that way and I think that's a cool way of doing it.

I have now tried to do this with my new site/fanpage via getresponse. They even offer a 'problem free' solution. Click, add, done ! Yeah right ... Spent all friggin afternoon doing it without success. Arrgh...ripping my hair out. Doh !

So, does anyone of you guys here know how to do it ? I have heard of new apps being able to add it easily. Heck, even heard that the opt-in box can appear in the news feed of your fans or friends that liked it. How cool is that ?

Any tips are welcomed

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