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We all know Pinterest has grown at a rapid rate to become the 4th largest social network in the world and has ultimately become a new destination for marketers to leech traffic from.

The question is how? I've written a quick tutorial on one of the many ways to squeeze traffic from Pinterest something you cannot ignore when Pinterest sends the largest % of referring traffic compared to other social networks.

1. Get your Pinterest profile all set up. Throw up a decent image for your profile (it's all about the images). Write a bio. Verify your website. Link it up to Facebook and Twitter.

2. Now go and create a free tips board about your niche. So let's go with the... Grow your Own niche. You would call it "Growing your Own Tips."

3. Next you need to come up with a quick tip about growing a particular vegetable. Let's go with... Carrots! And our tip will be... "Plant Onions Near to Carrots to Scare Away Carrot Root Fly.

(Bare with me here)

4. The next job is to either hire a designer or do it yourself. You need to place this tip onto an image of carrots (and this is where the image comes into play). Make it really great looking and really clear. Below is an example (not the best I know) of what you need to come up with:

5. Now on your blog write a full on article covering tips on the topic on your image so in the example we'd write an article with lots of carrot growing tips (you might already have this on your established blog).

6. Now just upload your image to Pinterest and then in the description write "For More Tips on XYZ visit here: LINK" and link to your blog post. It's as simple as that. It gives a reason for people to click and makes your images somewhat more interactive.

If this helps just one or two people out with Pinterest then it was worth publishing. I hope it helps!

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