How to get votes on facebook contest?

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Hi ,

i am in this contest
where i need to get as more votes as i can to be top ranked and have a chance to make my dreams come true to go to Ibiza and play music among the best DJ's and producers around the world...Finalist there gets to win 100.000euros.

Im wondering how to get more votes? A lot of people there have like 200 votes daily and they are already top rated but on their facebook pages they dont have that many friends ... are they cheating some how?

This is a daily vote contest,you can vote every day. But where,how i can find like 200 people who will vote every day the next 30 days !

P.S. If you are reading this and have facebook account open in another tab,please give me a vote it would help alot. Its simple and it takes like 3 seconds.
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    share in good groups and tell your friends to share it
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    How about uploading your music to youtube and then you can put a link on the description asking your viewers to vote? I f you have an email database, you can also send a mass email and ask them to vote.
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    Make use of your Facebook Wall and request Votes in Contest's Sweepstakes Forum. Place your Vote Requests in Your Forum Signatures with the help of Facebook Vote Exchange Groups or establish Your own Facebook Voting Group. Add your request to your Email Signature as well!
    For more tips read try this link: 100 Ideas on How to Get Votes for Online Voting Contests | Contest Mob Blog

    Get Online Votes

    Or buy Votes from:

    Our Services | Buy Facebook Contest Votes & Photo Likes

    Warning: Careful don't get disqualified while requesting for Votes!


    Ali Alvie

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    There are many ways to increase facebook votes but buying them is more effective and efficient way, you can buy facebook votes from SEOclerks.
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    For getting more votes you can post your link to Facebook wall and ask your friends to help you. You can also use Facebook vote exchange groups, you can create your own Facebook page, creating a Facebook page or group is really easy to use you can set your own rules, whatever you want for getting more interested people.
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    I am sure you already must have asked your friends to do it, so I am not going to suggest that, but perhaps you can buy the votes. I doubt it's going to be expensive. Since it's just one click. Just hire someone on Odesk. Ask them to vote daily and send you a screenshot. you can get people at very cheap rates on Odesk.

    Edit: Just noticed 0 days left for voting? So the competition ended?

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