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Hey guys,

I would appreciate any input that you guys may have. I am starting a social media marketing company and I want to be a leader in my field (of course). However, I have 5 years of web design experience (family, friends and my own sites). My initial thought was to solely focus my efforts on a pure social media marketing firm. I would like potential clients to only see me as a social media expert. But, the more research I do on my competition it (appears) that they offer web design services as well. Should I

a. follow suit and create a Web design + Social Media Firm
b. solely focus on a social media firm
c. solely focus on Web design and add social Media later
d. create two separate entities: Web design and Social Media

My top priority of course is to get the business off the ground first by getting my first clients. My reasoning leads me to believe that their is more demand for website services than for social, but I could be wrong. How would you guys approach this situation?

I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong forum.

Thank you in advance
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