What is your 'Like to TAT' percentage in Facebook - A good indication of a pages engagement

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Lately I have been focusing on getting the engagement up on my Facebook page Change Your Thoughts Today and it's working. I have 80,000 fans and 447,000 people talking about the page.

In a bid to find a good indicator of a great facebook page I have been looking at the 'talking about this' (TAT) number and not just the number of likes a page has.

However, a better indicator is to look at the 'Likes to TAT' percentage.

To do this simply divide the number of people 'talking about this' by the number of 'Likes' you have, then times by 100

So for example if your page has 10,000 likes and 5,000 people talking about this.

5,000/10,000 = 0.5 x 100 = 50

Like to TAT percentage is 50%

Anything above 25% is pretty good.

What is your Like to TAT percentage?
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    Wow! Steven, it means that your TAT is 5.5times? 447,000/80,000= 5.5 x 100 = 550%?

    How can it be? People talking about is more than your fans??? But that's a fantastic result! Did you buy traffics to your fan page or is there any software that you can recommend to make this happens?

    would you mind sharing? Thanks!
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    Hi Steven,

    I agree that the PTAT percentage based on current likes is very important. It seems to me though that a lot of FB page owners don't note this or ignore it on purpose or just can't keep it up... pun intended.

    But before I go too far on that I should be clear I am a newbie when it comes to FB marketing. I have just used a lot of my 17 year web marketing experience and tons of FB marketing study over 2 weeks to figure out a lot of what I know now and what I'm doing.

    When I kicked off my first FB page, it was slow going. Then I noted on a page that had 1.x million Likes that they were growing at a rate of several thousand Likes per second and then figured out what it was they were doing -- FB ads most likely and then I copied that and my likes started to flow in. But then I noticed that a lot of pages with a lot of Likes have a low PTAT rate in the 1%, 2% or 5% range so I was determined to find out if I could beat that and if it mattered at all. A few days later I was seeing a PTAT rate on my new page of over 100% something like 120% or so... and the real world value was there I was getting A LOT of interest in what I was doing (it was a business networking page by the way run with a partner) so I knew there was something there.

    Then I decided to set up my own page so I could test far more parameters. Long story after 2 weeks since I first got on FB to use the business page function I now have a PTAT of 78% (at the time of this posting). The page in question facebook.kunleolomofe.com goes higher on PTAT when I run FB Like ads and keep up my posting schedule very consistently and of course based on the content I share. It dropped from a steady 100%, 90%+ over the past few days to 78% because I stopped the ads temporarily and stopped posting (due to workload offline COMING from business garnered BECAUSE of my facebook marketing -- the irony! lol).

    So anyway I've seen that the higher your PTAT rate the better. But there's another little point that most people seem to not notice or ignore... you didn't mention it either Steven so here it is let me know your take on it though cos you're far more experienced at this than I am...

    I noted that the actual PTAT number isn't the one on the main FB page next to the no. of Likes (that's not a real time figure and FB loads the real value only days later in many cases even longer than that). Anyway the real time number of PTAT seems to be on the "Likes and People Talking About This" page (you get to it by clicking on the image of the current number of likes you see on a page and it is publicly viewable. If you mouse over the light blue line on the graph you see there it will give you what I believe is the actual number of current PTAT for that page.

    Isn't that right Steven?

    Now if that's the case then a page's ACTUAL PTAT rate is based on THAT number compared with their total number of Likes. In your case Steven, I see a whopping 1,048,505 PTAT on the graph compared to your 190,181 Likes that's a CRAZY 5 times+ the number of Likes... and I think I know your secret At least I THINK I do It's glaring really unless I'm looking in the wrong direction! If you want to share it no worries but I will PM you later about that.

    In the meantime what do you think about my theories? Accurate?
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