Im seeing explosive growth and i want to know how there doing it!!! Please help!

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hi guys,
short and sweet.
i think im missing a trick somewhere..

im seeing a couple of hugely successful facebook fan pages explode in like 4 hours..
they seem to be sharing eachothers pages and getting a huge amount of likes in a very short space of time. I know you can buy likes and what not, but im pretty convinced this isnt being done. some examples:

I understand that the niche is extremely likable and any ad or high audience share post will convert very well. But it just seems like they have hit the nail on the head a little. Creating a small page portfolio with a crazy fan total in hours!!

my question is, How the hell can i get in on this!? the pages are all blatantly created by the same team, all marketed together and created within hours of eachother.

anyways, a healthy debate and some answers would be awesome!!

Thanks for any help in advance!

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    they bought likes from facebook, or did s4s which is share for share. or they exchanged likes in those like exchange sites.
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    I think they have a big network and may be they are using like exchange sites, share 4 share, different groups to get engagement.

    If you like to get lot of likes for your fan page, use group sharing strategy it will help you to grow your page with interested niche just share your contents on as many as groups you can so then you will be able to get your reward! GOOD LUCK!

    Ali Alvie

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    I checked the pages and indeed it's unbelievable! I don't believe they're real likes and fans! And yes, did you see the comments from supposed to be users? kinda suspicious!
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    It benefits ! My clients are satisfied ! It gives social proof, credibility and SEO as well and more. Likes are good thing though...
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    Yeah those are fake for sure, probably bought from fiverr
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      Originally Posted by melvinsh View Post

      Yeah those are fake for sure, probably bought from fiverr
      I dont really think so, the Human I need assitance made me laugh and I liked it.
      You can tell if the fanpage bought likes because people do not like, comment or share the posts. But in this case its different.
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    If you have done your research and the likes on these pages are real, then all u have to do is to extract the IDs of the users, create a custom audience and promote your page directly to them through facebook advertising. Of course, it's not free, but with a low budget u can have the fans you exactly want really fast...
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    those are fake for sure, probably bought from fiverr website.
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    I also think that those likes may be fake. I prefer to use group sharing strategy, which brings good target traffic to the web-site.
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    Make a connection with Don Wilson. This is not only real and possible, it's being done every single day. Not much else to say really except that Don Wilson cracked this mystery a long time ago.
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    You need to build "target" Fans for your niche, whatever it is. Do this using Facebook Ads.

    Ideally you would want to get a targeted person or similar within a niche. For example, if it was a Football Page, you could target a particular footballer, instead of just 'Football' as that would be too broad.

    I have created several very active and responsive pages using this method. I have also used things like TV Shows etc to build 'Fans' for a particular show.
    The 'Likes' can build extremely fast if targeted correctly.

    Use the 'Special Interests' etc, and then just use small target audiences of about 30,000-50,000 people.
    Use a simple ad and headline to engage the Fans.

    Practice makes perfect as with anything - and some Pages will work better than others.
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      One of the pages either moved or was removed. If you want to get more tracking, add them to Social Bakers. You will be able to see detailed profiles of their fans and you will be able to tell if they are using fake fans, global ads, or a successful viral marketing strategy.

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    I am a student of marketing and I've wondered about those exploding fans. I've been using the facebook viral method. I've had some good results, but nothing like those numbers
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