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I've been using Facebook more as a means of networking and helping others with more broad talents grow their followings/earnings over the past few years.

And although I've made quite a bit of money myself from affiliate/cpa/ppc/promotions, it's extremely interesting how I can make $500 out of 100 visitors on one of my sites and $500 out of 200,000+ impressions on Facebook.

What are your thoughts on the profitability of Facebook marketing and what markets do you feel work better in terms of profits (no local based businesses)?
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    i want more likes on facebook
    how can i get that
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      Originally Posted by stufftheme View Post

      i want more likes on facebook
      how can i get that
      Try making more targeted friends for you page by related groups and pages and then sending a suggested page to all of them. (Free Method)

      Or target huge audience who are interested in you niche and run a ad campaign. Getting likes for a fanpage is much easier option when you run an ad.
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    Facebook is one of the most social media which helps to grow our business very faster but it is very necessary how we attract people from social media sites.
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    It really depends on niches. There are many still unexplored niches which can drive mad profits. I have also seen some very good, and also some pretty bad results with FB ads. I'm not saying it's a hit or miss marketing strategy, but you really need to know what you are doing to get some good results.

    Some of my colleges I know are doing easy 4 figures daily from FB CPC ads. So yes, it can be done easily.
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