Facebook Marketing Tips Revealed

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Facebook Marketing Tips

Are you looking for some Facebook Marketing Tips to help grow your business?

Then well done you for finding this - You are definitely in the right place.

What you are about to discover here is a handful of golden "Facebook marketing tips" that I use every day in generating Leads and Sales on a regular basis.

These are simple, but more importantly, they work, and will work for you as well.

The Facebook Platform is now becoming a huge resource for marketers. The problem though, is that most people do not have any sort of Facebook marketing strategy, so let me give you some of my personally recommended Facebook marketing tips to set you on the right path.

Number one of my Facebook Marketing Tips is that you will need to have a Facebook 'Fan Page'. This is essential for any business. All of the successful marketers have their own Facebook Page, and it is basically your own 'website' within Facebook.

You can create tabs, videos and much more for your prospects or customers to see.
Some people get scared at the thought of how to make a business Facebook Page, but it really is a simple process. There are links to 'Create a Page' found on your FB Profile or at the bottom of the FB Home Page.

I will not go into detail on creating a page now, but will do so in another post.

The second part of my Facebook marketing tips is connecting with other like-minded marketers or business people within your niche.
The best place for this is other Niche-Related Pages or Groups etc.

For example, if you are in the Network Marketing niche, then you could connect with others on the Network Marketing Pro Fan Page from Eric Worre.
Just getting involved by replying to comments, adding friends, and posting or commenting as your Page will help to build up your Fan and customer base.

The third of my Facebook marketing tips is to use the Facebook Platform for what it is best known for - and that is a Social Platform.
In other words, be sociable with your contacts - Take a genuine Interest in them. Talk about what business they are in, see if you have any hobbies or interests in common, things like that.

So many people get their Facebook marketing strategy so wrong, and just become a permanent 'business pitch'.

Get people to know, like and trust you, and then they will be a lot more likely to take a proper look at your business.

People Join People
This leads perfectly into the last of my recommended Facebook marketing tips, and that is to remember that people join people, not just businesses.

Be the person that people want to join, want to work with, and want to connect with regularly. This will literally be the deciding factor on many an occasion, that makes them want to join with you, or to join a competitor.

I hope that these Facebook marketing tips will be a guide in the right direction for you, and help you on your way to being successful.
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