Is Facebook ad a waste of time?

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Hey Guys,

I came across this video today morning and it has some eye opening information regarding facebook ads:

He showed paid ads resulted in similar engagement to that of ad farms. He also got 250+ likes at a blank Facebook page for $25!

I would like to know your opinion. Do you guys see benefit in facebook ad marketing?
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    If u do what this guy did, then yes, FB Ads is a waste of time AND money. If u rely to FB to determine what is the right audience for your offer, then your campaign is dead before it even started, because you are actually shooting blanks in the wide open. YOU must determine your audience, not FB, not anybody else. And to do this, you have to make a research, find fanpages and groups similar to your offer, use the right tools to get these users' IDs and form a custom audience. If u don't know how to do this, there are professionals who will help u create your audience. Now you are aiming exactly where u want to and as a result, u have a higher CTR, meaning cheaper clicks and of course, more sales. In this way, FB Ads is the best advertising platform in the net.
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    Yes, many marketers already benefits on facebook ads, Actually if you apply ads on facebook, be sure you have already a targeted audience list, do not engage your ads if you have no idea on how to manage it.. your wasting time and money...
    I know how to run my ads using Facebook PVA without any problem.
    Please don't stop asking If you willing to know!

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    I think no. Anyway thanks for this video.
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    I don't think they are a waste at all, but they are expensive compared to more targeted methods. Their targeting is very limited, search engine PPC ads are the best.
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    if you get more traffic within a short time into your page or websites, Facebook ads is one of the most effective criteria.

    But every time you won't get the proper result. For this, you can't say Facebook ads is a waste of time.
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    Facebook paid ads can get benefits only from targeted traffic but for another they are useless. If ad is about church suit in Uk so why a Indian people visit that site.

    Don't buy fans. Earn their engagement and build your page up naturally. 

    Enjoy Life.

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      Facebook ad is best for shopping sites only
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    While this video has certainly went viral, it does not speak to most of Facebook advertising. Getting Facebook ads to work is difficult mainly because what works seems to be much more random than with other ad platforms like Google. On top of that, Facebook has a ton of worldwide traffic and fake accounts everywhere. If you try Facebook ads without a plan, they are likely a waste of time. If you make a good plan and try many different ad campaigns, you can find some that are profitable. You can see that plainly from other members posts in this forum!

    Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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    If you follow the targeting that is done in video, it's sure that you will end up with tons of non interacting fans. There are a lot of things you can do with Facebook ads. Everyone knows only about interest and country targeting and nothing else. That's the problem with Facebook ads. One who does website custom audience, custom audience, look alike audience etc will never say that facebook ads are a waste.
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