Youtube videos: how do you record voiceovers?

by AramAvedisian 7 replies
Just wondering what everyone out there is using to record voiceovers for youtube videos? I had a mic laying around that I tried using but I'm getting lots of background buzz and it just sounds horrible.

I'm wondering what mics you guys are using? Something not too pricey, but clear and background-noise free.

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    you need to lock your self in sound proof room which is not possible its mean try to make your voice over video in a silent place like your room when your no one is in home and also if you have your mic problem then you need to buy a new mic.
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    I use a samson studio mic. (you can hear it in action in the video in my sig) I listen to some great sounding podcasts who use rode mics. You should also Install audacity (free) because you can tweak your vocals with it afterwards. Camtasia has some built in audio tools too but it's not free.

    Hope that helps.
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      I use a USB mic from Logitech I found on Amazon combined with free audio editing software called Audacity. Most of my videos come out with semi-professional sounding audio using this formula now. Somehow my earlier videos with bad audio are still more popular though? I hope this formula works for you too!

      BTW, you have to use windows movie maker or another editing program to combine the video with the sound and then upload it.

      Thank you to the 400+ warriors that chose to buy my Facebook WSO granting lifetime access to my Udemy course!

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        I have a Blue Snowball USB microphone. I like it and it isn't too expensive.

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    I've been real happy with my Audio-Technica 2100.
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    I have a snowball mic as well. It sounds great to me, no buzzes/hums/clicks.

    For good results I recommend recording in a relatively small room with still air (larger spaces and drafts create that 'airy' effect in the recording).
    If you hear your breath on the recording it can help to talk just past or above the mic, rather then directly into it. Or create a breath blocker for yourself (fabric over a frame to hold in front of the mic).

    The recording software I use is Audacity. It's relatively easy to use and free.
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    Thanks for your input everyone. I ordered a new USB mic and it looks like Audacity is pretty popular so I'll give that a try

    It never occurred to me to turn off the ceiling fan while recording, so that's a big help! Thanks for the tips!
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