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Hi guys,
I want to start Social Media Marketing so i wanna Know which is best Tumblr or Pinterest?
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    Both are Good. Tumblr is for micro-blogging whereas Pinterest is for Image Marketing. Its depends upto you which type of website you have.
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    Almost any site can be promoted via Pinterest, so long as you take time to curate the best, most provocative images that capture attention and imagination. Also, do more than simply adding your own images to Pin boards. Find other images that are worthy to be shared. In this way, you can add credibility to your pin boards and cultivate fans and followers who respect your opinion and are likely to click through to your site to 'see more' of what you have to offer.

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    I love tumblr.
    Pnterest is good but tumblr is more weight in Google Glass.
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    If you website related to online shopping then Pinterest is one of the best options for you.
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      I've had good results with both. Early on, I had a huge, sudden rise in sales on a certain product. After doing a lot of investigation, I found it was due to someone posting it in tumblr that then got reshared a ton of times in other tumblr blogs - my first "viral" product experience really and I had never heard of tumblr at the time.

      I'm also getting quite a bit of traffic from Pinterest.

      I find tumblr seems to have a lot of teens/young adults whereas pinterest seems to have mostly women 30+ years old, so both markets can work well. Like any other marketing, it all depends on what you sell and who your target market is.

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