How to monetize 35k subscribers

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I have used FB Social Flywheel on my website on the last few months and now I have over 35k subscribers on my list (names, e-mails, gender, age, sometimes location - on every record on the list).

All of subscribers are from some niche, so I think it's a big advantage. However I don't have enough ideas how can I monetize them? I can't see any cheap and good mailing scripts etc...

Can you help me?

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    What is the nature of your website?

    Do you think your subscriber will like to have a tshirt about your website? If so, use TeeSpring!

    If not, think something unique that your subscribers would love to subscribe or purchase. Use something like an email marketing software Aweber for example.

    Create a Fan Page for your website, invite all of your subscribers to like your fan page to get updated post or article about your website.
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    If you got them from your website why not just send them weekly newsletters or so to come back on your site? Then monetize with ads.
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    First have a look on most common niche of your subscriber suppose most of your subscribers niche is health then make a fan page related to your site and update it daily try to promote any product related their needs.Hope this helps.
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      The problem is the diversity of the niche's

      Find your most heavily loaded niche, or one most appealing to you, and scrub the rest.

      Then it's just a matter of filling a need that particular niche is craving.

      You run the risk of killing a lot of your list anyway spreading offers across so many.

      People who want to manage their weight don't want desert recipes (random example).

      Let's Network!!
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  • If you are not use affiliate marketing I would definitely recommend checking that option out. You can sell great and popular products and earn a good commission with every sale. Definitely worth a try and see if it is successful and profitable with your subscribers.
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