Does Facebook still have a business account option?

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I've been reading on various blogs that facebook has a business account option so you don't have to connect your advertising activities with your personal account.

I've recently permanently deleted my personal account so I tried setting up a fake account to advertise with but my account got disabled within a day. What do you think my best option is? Is there a business account set up? Should I try to create a more real looking fake account? Or is the only real option to start a new personal account just so I can advertise?
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    Why you delete your personal account.Well Start a new personal account for start advertising on facebook.
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    What is a Facebook business account?

    A Facebook business account has two functions: advertising and page management. It is not associated with a person (rather, it’s only associated with an email address), and it doesn’t have the ability to add friends or like pages. It doesn’t even allow access to the search bar, making it an attractive option if your social media manager has a tendency to do too much personal browsing when they should be completing business tasks.

    Facebook compares a business and personal account here.

    Why should your organization have a Facebook business account?

    Ability to create one business account that has a shared password that can be used by many team members.
    Ability to provide continuity to Facebook advertising efforts.
    Avoid attaching a company credit card to a personal Facebook account for the purpose of advertising.
    How to create a Facebook business account

    When I created my first account in November 2012, I had to jump through hoops to get Facebook to create it for me. Now, it’s really quite easy.

    Make sure you’re not logged into Facebook
    Go to this page*
    Enter your information (be sure to use an email address that can be transferred or shared with other employees)
    Complete the process to confirm your email address
    Begin using Facebook with your new business account
    Using your Facebook business account

    When you log in for the first time, you’ll be directed to the advertising homepage. You can create your first ad, or you can download the Power Editor extension for Chrome so you can really get up and running.

    You can also visit if you’d like to start a page with your business account as the admin. If you already have a page created, ad the business account as an administrator by using the email address associated with the account.

    If your account is only used for ads, it will bring you to the ads home when you log in. If it’s only used to manage a page, you’ll be brought to the administrative panel of that page when you log in. If the account manages multiple pages, you’ll see a list of pages when you log in. If you use your account for both advertising and page management, you’ll see the advertising screen when you log in, but you’ll have a “pages” button on the left to view your list of pages.
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    Yes, but you need to call them in order to get 1.

    Now you can't create it on your own!
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