FB CPM and NO clickthroughs

by devonm 3 replies
I don't know if it is to erly to tell, or if this is bad. I have had my ad display to nearly 3K people and NO SOUL clicked ONE. Is that bad or normal? It is CPM.
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    Anyone? HELP?
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    Normal but sounds like you need to adjust your ad some and potentially better target your audience.

    Stop wasting time. Just do it!

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    One new click in the morning by 10 30 AM. One of the ads is beginning to work. It was too early. have to study the ad to see why it worked for once this morning.If I can find out how to reproduce this to increase it, I will love to do that.

    Trying to learn the benefits vs. features idea for ad copy, being that benefits do more, so I kind of think this morning. Will have to study copy forum further. I tried this from thinking very hard and referring to someone's post of A vs B and C vs D on their post. Not copy and paste, but used a reference.
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