How do I get my Facebook page to reach a certain geography for free?

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Hello Warriors,

So, the question is... I have a brand new Facebook page on a particular topic. I want to get a lot of LIKEs to it, meaning I want to reach a lot of fans and get them to click through to my website via my posts.

I'm from India, and I'd like to target the audience in Australia. How do I go about doing it? There's nothing particular about either India or Australia about my page and its contents. Australia, here, is just an example location/country that I mentioned. I can get the word out via my friends, but no one on my friends' list is from Australia.

I also don't have a budget to do any ad spend.

How should I go about building a fanbase targeting a particular geography?
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    Something like this ?

    Zero "Paid Reach"

    See this tutorial: Facebook Fan Page – Increase Thousands of Reach – Zero Paid Reach
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    Yes I think you can do so through group posting and by adding targeted groups. You may start posting your webpage content on FB. Through this you can get free target likes and attention from audience. Try to take a break after posting 9 to 10 posts so FB may not block your posting activity temporarily.

    Ali Alvie

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      Why don't you post about stuff that is relevant in australia and to australians? About stuff in the news, sporting events (australians love sport), entertainment news... "you can only get in there, but getting in there yourself first".

      Learn what people of australia like reading on the internet ( eg showbiz/sport/politics etc) and use it to your advantage. Add sprinkle of patience too!

      best of luck.
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    Join group in your geography and become active member. After that, you can share you page --> Get more reach
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