Weird Facebook Ad CPC? Going up without any clicks?

by Sagar Mehta 0 replies
So I created 2 Facebook campaigns, bid for clicks and asked FB to optimize for clicks.

In the past 6 hours, I got just 1 click on each campaign.

However, my CPC has gone up in front of me from:
$0.13 to $.13 to $.18 to $.21... it's at 28 cents for one campaign and 75 cents (!) for the other one.

A rise from 13 cents to 75 cents as the views (not clicks) increased.

Is this normal? Why am I paying so much when I was charged only 13 cents for that one click when I started the campaign? (screenshot attached for clarification)

And here's the weird part:
My selected action is Website Clicks, so the charge should be for the 1 click and not include the 4 Clicks in the column near the end.

I'm basically paying for the click I've already been charged for, right?

First time ever I'm seeing this so it has really got me wondering! Any one have any ideas?

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