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by wesawu
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Hello Warriors,

I'm not an avid Facebook user so pardon my ignorance. How do Facebook "likes" help you to market your products? Social media seems to be the "in" thing these days. Yesterday I built a Facebook page and tried my hand at Facebook advertising. Today I have over 150 likes on my page. I'm assuming that is a good thing. My question is how can I leverage the "likes" and turn them into dollars?
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    A Like is simply when someone 'follows' your page.

    Your posts will then show up in their newsfeed

    There's plenty of ways to turn them into dollars, however, you are going to want a ton more than you have right now...

    Which is something I would focus on doing
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    Facebook likes are very important. These likes create perception that one likes the particular post or shared information. So if you are getting likes rapidly on your fan page it is good for your web in a longer run. It will be good if you connect your business website to it and try in getting people like the Facebook like button through your website, it is free fall publicity. And of course when you share and like other people's posts it will boost your popularity among acquaintances and Facebook groups you are member of in long run these likes and network marketing will definitely raise your audience and popularity of your offers or products, which is in other word more dollars for your business.

    Ali Alvie

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      It's important to remember that no one single social media site will work wonders alone. You need to make use of each site and use the right ones more often and the lesser important ones less.

      Good luck!
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    When someone likes your page they start getting updates about your page. If your content is unique and attractive then people will be interested in that and may like that . Same way their friends can see that update and so on your page will be promoted. And you can convert it into good business.
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