Only Loosing with Teespring

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I am investing a lot in Fb Ads with Teespring and never had a successful campaign
Bought Many courses(Donald wilson ...)
But still not earning !

Any one is having same experience ?
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    How are your designs? The design is the most important thing from what it seems. I would imagine that no matter how well you do everything else, if the design sucks people won't buy it.
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    Take your time and don't rush into a campaign, it is not because you pay for advertising (ppc) that it will get you sales. IMO if your able to sale your t-shirts using free methods, then scale it up. Start using the PPC etc....

    Allot of people run their mouth saying I made 10K in 1 week... Honestly good for them if they did it. But don't believe everything on wf. Most of the time they are going to start some sort of service..

    Don't copy successful designs, it does not work. These guys have large facebook pages and sick budgets. So in other words your doing your sales pitch to the same people that they have done. You will only get a like or a share. Be creative.

    Good luck. If you want to continue with T.S, build a page and create a niche.
    Good Luck
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    Probably 5% of all Teespringers make money.

    Getting buyers to buy in the start of a campaign is usually a challenge, specially when they see 0/10 or 1/20 sold. That is just money they are blocking until other people will buy too. It usually snowballs once you have crossed the target.

    A very good design is a must, to say the least. I have a couple of good designs running, which did well otherwise on other t-shirt shops, but not so well on TS in first 2 days. I reckon kick-starting your campaign is a major factor.

    Also, have a laser targeted audience, through any UID scraper out there. It will save you a lot of money. I've myself seen the campaign costs come down by 90% in my campaigns last week due to small targeted audiences combined with CPM. You can invest that saved money back into your campaigns.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!
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    are tehre any scrappers that scrap users that used a certain hashtag?
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      Put this on a couple of other TS threads but its worth repeating here:

      Go to: Teeview | Teespring campaign viewer and see how many campaigns have sold. It's tiny - I would think less than 5%.

      There is a lot of talk on this post about numbers and stats but if you don't pick the right design you won't make it! And how do you do that? There is no way of knowing - sure pick one that has already sold and tweak it but that tweak may be the difference between success and failure.

      Many of the winning designs are either close to or are actually breaking Copyright and I think as TeeSpring become more well known some of the big brands are going to jump on this.

      All in all I think it's a lottery on whether you pick the right design, then you need marketing skills, preferably on FB.

      I tried a campaign a few weeks ago, sold 3 out of 30, knew within 4 days it wasn't going to win out!!!
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    Originally Posted by derprinz View Post

    I am investing a lot in Fb Ads with Teespring and never had a successful campaign
    Bought Many courses(Donald wilson ...)
    But still not earning !

    Any one is having same experience ?
    Hi derprinz,

    I'm pretty much in the same boat, but I just finished my 4th campaign and I sold 12 shirts (goal 10 shirts). Only bummer is that I printed on both sides of the American Apparel shirt, so my profit margin was really low ($3.60/sale). Therefore I lost money on this campaign, but I'm looking at it as an investment. My first 3 campaigns were complete flops, didn't sell 1 shirt and stopped advertising after $20 invested since the results were so poor. I stuck with my last campaign because I got over 600 likes on my page, tons of people were commenting and sharing, and I sold 6 shirts in the first 24 hours. That gave me a false sense of hope though because after spending $100 in Facebook ads I only sold another 6 shirts.

    The point to my reply is that it's going to take several failures and probably a couple hundred dollars invested before you make a profit. I know now that before I try another campaign, I need to have a really solid design targeted to a niche of people that are passionate enough to buy. My campaign was successful in interacting with fans, but at the end of the day the majority of them were satisfied with just liking or commenting on my ads and my page.

    I forget who it was on this forum, but he said on average you should expect to spend $500 before getting it right and seeing a profit. I've spent about $125 so far, but I've learned a lot with these first attempts so I think my next campaign could be successful because I'll be much more prepared.

    Give it another shot or two before giving up. Good luck!
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    im at spending around $165 on fb ads, get around 273 click to teespring and just 6 sells. At first 30$ i thought its a winner. but after spend $100 more, people just dont buy it anymore. i got lots of comment, page like and shares. Whay do you think people dont continue to buy?
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      Sounds similar to the example I mentioned above. I think it comes down to the design of the shirt and your target market. If the design isn't great but the group is passionate, they'll like and share and comment but won't buy. If the design is great and your target are fans of the niche but not really really passionate about it, same result. This is based on my experience as a beginner like yourself, so maybe some of the veterans can offer better insight..
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